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Masturbathing post Circumcision

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Hey All . I’m now 18 days post op and recovering pretty well with no complications .

My stitches have began dissolving and should be gone in about two days .

Walking is stil a b***h but I’m getting used to it and very Day isn’t as sensitive as the last.

I know the Advice is 3.5 weeks to avoid masturbathing but my GF is cracking up so is it safe to just use the bottom of the shaft very very lightly and try orgasm that way or is it even ok for me to be on a boner for a good 20 minutes while I pleasure her ?

Thanks guys. Also anyone thinking of doing the op and has phimosis past the age of 19/20 - do it . Organise two weeks off college or work and boom it’s not as bad as it’s put across !

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Hi Craig. Could you not just pleasure your gf with oral and/or manual stimulation for another week or so and wait until you're properly healed before sleeping with her again? There are plenty of ways to help her to orgasm until you're ready to have intercourse. It's frustrating I know, but I honestly would recommend that you refrain from any sexual activity for about 4 weeks after the procedure, but like I say that doesn't preclude you ensuring she receives satisfaction. Don't take the risk of damaging yourself for the sake of a few more days of waiting; it really isn't worth it.

Best wishes.

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Hey yea no totally get what you mean . I just mean it’s hard to avoid being erect while your pleasuring someone so is that ok ?

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Yes, it certainly is! haha!! I think (and we're all different) that your body will tell you. If it's obviously painful, probably it's not sensible to risk it. Does this sound utterly stupid to you, but in these rather exceptional circumstances, how would it be if you wore some tight pants to give your penis some protection whilst you pleasure her? Of course that might just send you over the wall with frustration. It's wretched when you're desperate to orgasm, but can't!! Maybe it's a case of 'DIY' for her, if she's getting stir-crazy with frustration? Does that help?

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That makes sense . Yea I guess a lot of this is play it by ear and see what your body says. Whenever I get hard I’m not normally in pain I just feel a bit different to how I used to when I wasn’t cut (actually feels better) so I’ll give it an easy go tonight and report back haha

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Yup, that sounds like a good plan, so have a great time and enjoy yourselves! :)

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Yea so for anyone curios ! That didn’t go too bad ! Didn’t attempt to cum though that was a bit painful in the stitches .

However though , on the recovery front maybe the excitement did me a miracle - sensitivity has seiously subsided today and I’d say I could go back to the gym in the next few days and running by Monday !

Again if you’re out there and thinking of getting this done but scared of recovery - things get better ! Takes a while but when it does damn does it feel good !

Gonna stay off the voluntary erections for now until stitches are actually gone but beyond excited to be able to get back to a comfy lifestyle

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Really positive post, Craig. May I second your penultimate paragraph?

ps I love your 'cat avatar'...

Yeast infection ? I think this is the wrong post dude.

I’m sorry for the loss of your forskin I will not live without mine

It should be safe if you are gentle, careful, and don't strain the stitches.

It will be different without the gliding action of a foreskin, so you shall likely need some lubrication.

Go for it. I started masturbate on day 15 post op. Grab the base or the shalf and pull it toward the head then moving up and down gently, make sure that skin at the stiches not being stretched. Your gf or watching prom will help you reach orgasm. I'm currently on day 19. Good luck!

Hi Tyler when you did it on day 15 was the shaft or the glans still swallen at all?

Dis you touch the glans to stimulate it too? Was there any pain with a full erection? Thanks in advance kevin

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