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Circumcision as a teen

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Hey guys, I recently spoke about having a circumcision which I will be undergoing shortly when I have the money. I am 18 years old and I will be getting it done privately just so that I can have more input of what style circ I would like and so on. Basically it’s just my preference.

So I will be undergoing a full circumcision including the removal of the frenulum due to a dodgy past which I think I may have inherited from my father as he had to undergo the same procedure as a child.

But there’s one thing. I have been wanting a high and tight circumcision but I’m a grower so would this cause any problems for me?

I know that circumcision has its disadvantages but I have had many problems including stinging and tightness due to the foreskin. Although I can retract my foreskin it is still attached in some places and did take a very long time for me to be able to even retract it. Sometimes the head can look a little swollen or red which I think is the reason for the stinging. I know the stinging isn’t anything else because I have had tests for infection.

When I was really young my mum had to put Vaseline on my penis all of the time because it was always sore, I think these where the signs I was going to have tight skin like my father.

so I have just decided to take the plunge as I would much rather be circumcised anyway!

I have been looking into circumcision since I was 15 and have came to the final decision. My foreskin has made me really self concious over the years and would like to end it now. I don’t need anyone who is against circumcision telling me about the disadvantages because I’m already aware!

Please answer the questions below as these are what I am worried about the most and good luck to anyone else going ahead with this procedure!

Will a high and tight circumcision cause problems for someone who grows when becoming erect?

How long does swelling last on average?

How long does bleeding last on average?

How long does it take to be 100% healed on average?

Does the procedure hurt if you have a local anaesthetic?

Also any advice you would like to give me is always appreciated!

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Every boy is born with a foreskin. Seventy percent of males on earth have a foreskin. Why would you be self conscious?

If your foreskin is still tight, then you should try manual stretching.

You may expect some changes after circumcision.

A foreskinned penis has a nerve-laden, erogenous foreskin with a nerve-laden ridged band. A circumcised penis does not have a foreskin.

A foreskinned penis is normal. A circumcised penis is abnormal.

A foreskined penis protects the glans penis. A circumcised penis does not protect the glans penis.

A foreskinned penis has a smooth, shiny, sensitive head. A circumcised penis has a rough, dried-out insensitive head.

A foreskinned penis has gliding action. A circumcised penis has no gliding action.

A foreskinned penis does not need lubrication. A circumcised penis needs lubrication.

A foreskinned penis is unscarred. A circumcised penis has an ugly two-tone circumcision scar.

A foreskinned penis has a highly-innervated ridged band. A circumcised penis does not have a ridged band.

A foreskinned penis has more sensation. A circumcised penis has less sensation.


A foreskinned penis has what a circumcised penis has lost.

Circumcision can be painful in several different ways. Here is a list. I would not expect you have all them.

Circumcision pain

Circumcision is a surgical amputation of part of the penis. It is normal to feel pain during the surgical amputation, however this is usually eliminated by general or local anesthesia.

One may expect pain after surgery until the incision heals. Ask your doctor for a two-week supply of an opioid pain reliever.

One may also expect pain when the sensitive head of the penis is exposed to friction from clothing, etc. It is no longer protected by the foreskin, so there is not much you can do about it.

One may also expect painful erections, depending on how much skin was removed.

Depending on how much skin was removed, there may not be enough skin left to allow for shaft expansion during erection and this may cause painful erections.

You may also experience phantom pain from neuromas that form at the incision where nerves were severed.

Masturbation after circumcision may be painful if you don’t use lubrication because of lack of gliding action.

Hi Brandon. Every one is different. Suggest you talk about without doc. As you will see from then other posts there a few people on here who like to save foreskin like religious zealots like to save souls. Circumcision has been done for thousands of years. The pain and discomfort is temporary. Lots of salt water baths, check on scar and scabs regularly. Sit down to pee and use ice cubes to put on the swelling. Good luck.

If you don’t want the truth, why are you asking for advice?

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just because I don’t agree with your advice/ opinion doesn’t mean I don’t want the truth. It means I’ve already made a decision so therefore need advise based on the decision. Thanks!

Hey Brandon!! I am not circumcised yet but my my urologist appointment is coming up so I am gonna be going through every thing maybe before you will so I will try and share my story here with you and anybody else that is interested.

Just know that the stinging, irritation and redness that you are experiencing is probably due to what is called "balanitis" and with my condition it is not viral, bacterial, fungal or anything that can be cured with an ointment so that is the reason why I believe the urologist might advice me to get a circumcision. It sounds like you may have the same problem, especially if you suffer from mild phimosis.

Also, you have great questions but like someone said on here it all depends on the person but on average I would say the swelling and bleeding stop after the 1 week mark as I have researched it and found out on this website.

You are very young and it is the best time to get this surgery because healing will be a breeze for you because your body can heal itself really quickly now. I would expect going back to normal within 1 month after your circumcision. Also because you are a grower, the urologist should know that because he will erect your penis with a solution during circumcision so that he can avoid taking away too much skin but even if he did just a little bit too much your skin will stretch with every erection and things like that so you may have painful erections for a little bit but it is just temporary and after 6 months you will be happy you did it even though the thought of it now scares you and the healing/recovery can be a pain in the ass... I mean, hell, that is how I feel at the moment..

Also with general anesthesia you do not experience any pain since you are asleep but with local anesthesia you will put some numbing cream on before the needles that put in the local anesthesia and this can be a little painful but it only lasts a few seconds and once your groin area is asleep you may still have some discomfort but nothing that relates to pain and if you have a good surgeon/urologist the procedure itself is very common and easy to perform and should not last more than 30 minutes.

There you go buddy, I hope this helps. Do not hesitate to come back for help on here and keep an eye out for my future posts as I may be getting a circumcision the beginning of November.

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Tanks for the response.

I should be getting mine done at the end of November or the beginning of December. I will be having a local anaesthetic which is quite worrying to be honest but like you said the pain should be minimal and hopefully things will heal fast!

Please keep us up to date with your experiences, it’ll probably give me more reassurance and good luck with this.

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I will keep everyone who is interested updated. And I did not know yours was coming up so soon too. I know it can be worrisome but what makes me feel better is that circumcision is something very common for infants and adults alike so the urological procedure is one of the easiest to perform so we should be fine...

If you are suffering from balnitis it may be caused by soap or shower gel, There is a chemical called sodium loryl sulphate that is present is most shower gels and shampoos. It can cause skin problems. You should always make sure that any trace of soaps are removed from the foreskin with plain water.

I do not know if you are talking to me or if you are talking to Brandon. I have balanitis due to chronic skin inflammation that has nothing to do with soap or viral, bacterial or fungal issue: I have penile lichen sclerosus also known as BXO; balanitis xerotica obliterans so yeah I think I need circumcision to help clear the condition to get rid of the moist environment the disease apparently thrives in... Thanks for the response and advice though...

Thanks for the response. I am familiar with LS. I work for the15 Square and our doctors have compiled an information leaflet on LS/BXO It can be sent to you as a PDF. It may help you.

Hey. If you have a link to that PDF document that would be awesome. I believe I have a mild case of BXO but I do not want to play with demons and have cancer later on which is the case when you have had chronic inflammation for years. It is told to transform slowly into carcinoma in situ so I have to get rid of it and be careful with constant follow-up. Thanks for your response too!!

We do not have a link but if you email through the charity we can send it as a PDF. It is very well referenced. LS both affects men and women and mild cases can be treated with a topical steroid. Theree are published clinical guidelines for the management of LS confirming that topical steroids are appropriate treatment. There are randomised controlled trials to show that phimosis due to LS can be treated with corticpsteroid creams.

Not heard from you through the charity. If you want to send me a private message I will try to send you th PDF

I have my appointment with my urologist today so I will try to educate myself with him and see what he has to say when he says the full spectrum of the condition down there. Thanks again for reaching out to me...

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Good luck

Please contact us after you have seen your urologist. Our researchers have done a lot of work on LS/BXO I would hate you to lose your foreskin if you do not have to. Having lived with the consequences of circumcision I know the downside.

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Hi foreskin saver this is a question to u out of curiousity.

What would you say to someone who said they where circumcised just because they wanted to be?

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foreskinsaver in reply to Hidden

I would be happy for them providing they were able to make their own informed decision and many men are happy with the result. Unfortunately working for a charity dealing with this issue we handle enquiries from men who have deeply regretted their decision. I am currently supporting a family whose son took his own life as a result of a circumcision he had two years ago.

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Thanks for the response

That is why I am trying to get it done the beginning of November as I think in December I shall be fine and healed-ish so Xmas could be celebrated.

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Have you been circumcised?

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This could be a reason but with all due respect forcing it isn’t a good thing to do as you probably know and at the time that’s what I would have had to do. For me this wasn’t the case but I understand why this could be a result of the skin not detaching.

I think another reason may be not taking care of the baby’s penis properly when maybe cleaning. As his father also had the procedure maybe he didn’t understand how to care for him or teach him how to take care of himself, obviously he could of searched it but not have seen it as a problem. Therefore possibly retracting the baby’s foreskin to clean, which l should never be done and only causes problems.

Basically I think there are a few things that may go wrong when the penis is developing and may hinder the development. But it’s just how things are I guess, nothing is ever perfect.

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Yea that’s a good point!

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