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Circumcision Day 19 (picture) - healing okay?

Circumcision Day 19 (picture) - healing okay?

Hi all,

I’m on day 19, on the right side the scabs are nearly gone, but there’s a few remainibg on the left side. This means that the stitches have not yet dissolved (and have not been able to have them removed).

Some of the stitches at the back are starting to become loose though, so I’m hoping that’s a sign!

Does the progression in the picture look okay? Although it looks like there is a yellowish patch, that is just how the image looks and is in fact a scab.

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Looks fine to me as far as the healing goes. As far as the stitches, they usually do their job within the first 2 weeks. After that they are mostly pointless. If they should dissolve by themselves, try to soak your penis in chamomile tea or a salt bath (cup) to try and help starting to dissolve them.

If they don't contact your doc whether they need to be taken out manually. Soaking your penis in chamomile tea/salt bath should also help get rid of the dried blood on the incision.

All in all looking good at 19 days.

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