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Healing circumcision


Hi guys, so I’m 2 weeks into the healing process of my circumcision. Just getting over an infection and the healing seems to finally look ok. Although I did notice something in the shower this morning, the sides that were cut the stitches have failed and the incision line open up to quite a deep looking ridge. Is this normal? I can send pictures if that helps... to me it looks as though the skin hasn’t attached together but is healing seperate sides leaving the deep ridge in the middle! Any advice and will it heal normal?

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Go see the doctor right away.

I absolutely agree with the previous reply, get it looked at by doctor rather than worry about it. Fingers crossed it is just healing as it should, but don't fret and get an appointment asap.

Hi mate I was wondering how you were getting on mine looks a lot better now I don’t want to rip it off anymore 😂

This sounds like what happened to me! Because of the swelling it looks like a deep hole but it does heal normal and does look odd until the swelling goes down

WestyG in reply to Nathankean

Oh really why does it look like it’s not healed then?

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