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Circumcision wound - is it healing correctly?


Hi, I recently had a circumcision, I'm day 5 post op. I understand it's very early days and that the penis takes a while to recover after this procedure, but I'm just worried that my penis doesn't look how it should and would rather catch something before it's too far down the line. Is the wound okay? Does it look like it should?

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Looks fine to me.

Sebsmith12 in reply to Biggles22

thanks mate. Have just been worrying.

If your worried get it checked out

Looks ok there no ozzing of lymph maybe a little red

I had an infection at 7 days which led to mine gaping leaving a unsightly scar line and at a day 32 review with the Urologist he has said he wants to do some revision surgery to tidy it up


From the picture it looks like it's ok. Your sugeon has kept suffient skin such that during intercouse the erected penile shaft can glide over the labia majora of vagina, which will be enjoyed by your partner . I have done circumcision at the age of 30 before marriage. Your catguard strings will be absorbed may be within few more days. Depending on the quality of the string the time may vary . The surgeon can even cut out the extra strings which are now visible . But the reddish part at the back of glans appears to be a concern. It appears it is being rubbed . Ask your surgeon whether you need to apply ointment to heal that part. Try to keep the organ dry and open . Avoid wearing pants . Stay nude . Relax, don't worry about shape and how it looks, It's looks fine .Even your partner may be happy to suck it. Ask doctor if some ointment is a must or antibiotic is needed.

Sebsmith12 in reply to Hidden

Thank ylu this has reassured me. Now log did you wait to masturbate after having it done?

Hidden in reply to Sebsmith12

You will feel when you can do that. Once it will be fully dry and no pain you will be tempted.You may feel pain if penis is erected and stitches may tear. Don't be in a hurry. Nature will dictate. I really don't remember.Probably my operation was on 14th and I got married on 20th and penetrated my wife on 22nd.Relax

I had my circumcision around 12 weeks ago now and healing is coming along fine. I had sex with my wife after about eight weeks, this was not trouble free but very satisfying.

Masturbation is a problem as this does cause a little pain and I am afraid of pulling the scar so this sometimes causes problems with sex if I cannot maintain an erection, previously a little 'tug' would have me hard again.

What I have found, which may sound pervy but is efective, is using my wife's silk nightie wrapped around the penis while either one of us gently masturbates by penis. The silk does not cause any discomfort and the movement provides the desired outcome.

Good luck

Sebsmith12 in reply to jaglad

What were the troubles if you don't mind me asking? I am anxious myself to have sex again, but also very eager as you can understand.

I don't know how long after the stitches have gone I will be able to wait to wank, well just have to see lol

Cheers mate

Also for any of you lads who have had it done, did you bleed afterwards when having an erection? If so how often?

Hi, I never bled at all following the operation, though it was very sore. Biggest problem was and still is maintaining an erection, my wife soon helps me to get hard but I am so nervous about causing pain I can quickly lose it before entering her. Trick is plenty of lubrication and 'get in there' as soon as possible ! Not very romantic but sometimes needs must. I have managed to cum whilst just gently thrusting my soft penis against her vagina, as now most of the feeling is in the head. I have not had a proper wank since due to fear of causing damage, but as I say using something soft over the head and gently masturbating does the trick. I have also used an 'egg' from an online sex shop that provided the desired result.

If anyone has more experience of when it is safe to properly masturbate, please let us know.

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