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Advice: Circumcision day 32 - clearer picture frenulum not healing?

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Hi all, apologies for another message on this.

I’m wondering whether to visit the doctor this week. I understand that some gunk and fluid is to be expected and the frenulum is last to heal, but I’m on day 32 and this last part of tje site where the frenulum was removed has made no progress for a week. Only another 10 days until I hit the point where it is allegedly safe to have sex.

Any tips or thoughts?

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I would wait another whole 2 weeks. Just because there was a projected date given for you to maybe start activities again, doesn't necessarily mean your body would actually be ready by that exact date. I would more so worry about my body's timing system than what a hypothesis was given to me

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Another two weeks from now? Or two weeks in addition to the 6 weeks?

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BOTH makes total sensibility! Lol👍. Don't you think that 8 weeks makes sense to the civilized...and 6 weeks makes sense to the savage..

The longer muscle, soft tissue, and thin layers of skin have their regenerative healing, tbe stronger their complete bond will be. Remember brother, that the penis is a man's natural usable and workable tool! When we use it, it is readily prepared and geared for us to ram, jam, and slam with it😂😂😂💯 So would you trust your restructured tool that rebuilt itself bio-chemically to be ready in 6 weeks or in 8 weeks for the showdown. If it bleeds, peel-back, crack, or collapse, the man & tool loses the game. Winners wait longer to perform when injuries and rehealing is in questioning. Because you only have one penis and one shot Jack!!!😂

Personally, I got circd on June 19th. I'm not doing anything sexually until Christmas time in December. That's 6 months, and is the max of the healing interval period (6 weeks to 6 months)

Is that region your incision part or is the foreskin a little rolled up?

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That’s the incision site, the style was very low and tight. The dried fluid is normally only that visible after I’ve washed with salt water.

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Not really worried about the fluid itself, somewhat normal and the frenulum healing part could be taking longer because it is rather so close to your penis glans. It is "higher" than generally used but that doesn't make it "wrong". Just keep it clean, keep soaking it in chamomile tea/salt bath and it will clear out eventually.

Timelines for healing are a general evaluation, some heal quicker, some heal slower. The fact that you might be taking longer to heal doesn't mean there is something wrong with it but just that your body might take longer to heal.

I wouldn't really worry about it myself.

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Many thanks Cipher, much appreciated.

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