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Day 10 circumcision healing


Hi all, I’m 10 days post operation.

The right side seems to be healing okay (albeit slowly).

However I’m not sure about progress on the left side (see attached picture).

I saw a nurse yesterday and a GP the day before and they both said it is fine. The white patch isn’t puss or an infection, it’s just a layer which has grown over some nocturnal erection bleeding.

Do you guys think it looks like it’s progressing okay?

I’d read a number of posts on this forum before the op, but I had not anticipated the reality of the healing process!!

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Its healing fine what i can see in pic.the new skin would create there just ceep it clean aand use ointments.dont put water and when you wash be sure to dry it all corretly.mine was worse now is hwaling fine

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Thanks for the quick response Geni! It’s so difficult to tell because everyone’s pictures and experiences seem to vary so wildly!!

Geni1234 in reply to Hidden

It will heal fine.i have done mine in 7 may.the most astonising thing i have seen is the way this organ heals.the skin would create from nowghere .i havent seen nothing like skin droped to the side of incision and when i pulled it back saw that ghe new skin from inside has atached.this thing is like a tale of those animals that when you cat it growa just need time and cleaning and dont let it wet but moist and would me

Why was the cut made so close to the glans?

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I’ve no idea, just what the surgeon elected to do!

Looks pretty good tbh. That’s an extremely low cut but should look fine when it’s all healed. It just looks like there’s a little bit of fluid/discharge around the yellow area just keep an eye on it. If it starts oozing, bleeding or smelling a little strange go to your gp.

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Yeah I haven’t seen any other cut so low on the forum! I think I will actually like the style once it’s healed, but I think it’s been more susceptible to bleeding at night!

Ryanr in reply to Hidden

Yeah that doesn’t surprise me as there’s no skin to stretch during the horrid erections.

How going with the surgery buddy I have belanitis too and persist Avery other day so I wanted to know if works better than be using the cream ?

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