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Adult circumsisen


Hi i was circumsised 7 days ago and after reading alot of infomation on other people. I havent seen alot of people talking about circumsisen through the glue method. Ive only had a few stiches on the head but the rest of the foreskin is stuck down by glue..

I feel like night time erections are effectijg the healing procedure. Could this b true?

Also there is alot of dried blood and wasnt to sure on how to remove it? Would i slowely remove itself in the shower or when would i kno it would be safe to try to remove it myself?

Any help would be appreciated

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Hello torkreel.

I was circumcised around six days ago, so I know exactly how you feel.

Since my operation, I just been having warm/hot baths with a bit of salt in the water. That has removed most of the dry blood for me. I haven't dared to have a shower yet LOL.

I only had stitches so I can't comment about glue as I didn't even know they did that :o.

It's possible that night time erections could be slowing it down, but I have no idea as I don't know how the glue reacts.

Hope yours heal soon, and good luck :)

torkreel in reply to Juplika

Hi juplika

Yeah i had a choice of glue or stitches. I was told glue heals quicker and doesnt leave a scar like stiches. I decided to go for glue for those two reasons.. unfortunately for me there is not alot of advice online for the glue procedure.

I was told not to take baths because could cause glue to dissolve. In the shower i just let the water run down my body onto my penis. No direct contact... wayy to sensative atm lol

Happy healing mate all the best!

Grobbler in reply to Juplika

Please do not take baths. It delays healing. I took very short showers first 2 weeks and made sure i tied a plastic or wear a condom over the bandage when i took shower so that the bandage remains dry. Soap is bad for healing. I washed my penis every 2 days with salt water and replaced the bandage with a fresh one. When you remove the bandage wet it first with warm water. Be patient and remove gently. Dont be hasty. Do not use dettol or things like betadine it makes the wound delay healing. After 3 weeks you can use is mild. Also put vaseline on the head as often as you can to prevent irritation rubbing on your underwear. You must as much as you can wear fitting underwear. And then strap your penis in upright position for like 3 weeks. I cut one of my underwear and used the elastic for this. If you do it right you will be healed in 6 weeks. Im now in my 7th month and fully healed. No swelling and the head is not swollen. Sex is great too.

Good luck

Juplika in reply to Grobbler

Yeah, I noticed baths are the worst thing to do when I started bleeding heavily (after my last comment). I just use baths now.

I never knew to keep it upright! Bit late for me now :(

Grobbler in reply to Juplika

Well the important thing is you are healing. Happy healing

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