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Questions about adult circumcision (2018) :)

Hi all.

So I've just recently got circumcised for health reasons, and I've been trying to do my research as I recover but most results I see online are for newborn babies (I'm 19 btw). Few things to note:

- I'm currently on my 4th day after surgery

- I can pee normally, no pain/blood :)

- I don't have the urge to masturbate fortunately :)

- I do exeperience morning erections sadly lol, not comfortable but they're manageale.

I do have a few questions however, for starters do salt bathes really influence faster healing? I've been salt bathing for the past 3 days and so far everything seems alright.

There's pus coming out under my glans. It's not severe, and I've read that it is normal for the 1st week, can anybody confirm this? :)

Is it alright if I can remove the bandages and be naked for the day to allow some air to touch the incisions?

Why does the penis need to stay upright?

How long until the stitches start to dissolve and is there a way to speed up this process?

Lastly, I've found it extremely uncomfortable to sleep without bandages because it is waay too sensitive lol. Can anyone suggest a way to sleep throughout the night without bandages? I don't mind putting the bandages on, problem is taking them off since the pus gets dried up and it becomes a different story when I try to remove the bandages ( I know soaking it helps, but even that comes with some sort of discomfort as the pus is being excreted at such a sensitive area :( )

Your answers will truly be appreciated.


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Hey man, I'm on day 15 and I spent the first week pretty much naked with my piece up against me (helps the lymph liquid drain apparently) - salt bathes and also soaking cloth in salt water and leaving them on my stitches for 20 minutes seems to really soak up all the dried blood and lymph liquid tbh.

For the first ten days I would only wear a gauze if I was working or nipping out and as soon as I was done, I was bathe my piece and lay naked.

Right now I'm sleeping with nothing on it apart from a small bit of vaseline (seems to seal the small cuts and little blood spots you may have).

Keep it as clean as you can, keep stitches as short as possible and try and eat as clean as you can. Good luck man.

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Also it's normal for bandages to get stuck, apply a small bit of vaseline before you put it on and then when it's time to take it off, soak your piece for 5-10 minutes and the bandage will fall right off.

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Well that was a quick response :)

Thanks for answering these.

So from what I understand, keeping it up helps with the swelling?

I've actually never thought of putting a bit of vaseline before the bandages lol, wow I feel dumb. Thank you for that. :)

I think I'm satisfied with most of these answers :), makes me comfortable knowing I'm doing most things right so far. Been eating clean and drinking lots of water. I do have to soak my piece for longer it seems (I usually max it at 10 mins, but later I'm going to try 20 mins.)

Also gonna be using more vaseline from now :).

I appreciate you answering these questions man, and hope your recovery is going well. :)

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Definitely soak it when you've got bandages on and it's stuck - I'm still rocking the gauze when I head out because it's not so much the sensitivity that bugs me, i still have two big ass stitches in my frenulum and when they caught, it genuinely makes me cringe. You seem to be doing everything right, stay patient bro you got this!!

One should do one's research before the surgery, not afterward.

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