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Adult Circumcision Options?


Gosh, I'm hearing so much about circumcision being very problematic for anyone older than a baby that it makes me wonder whether it's such a good idea. I'm hearing people say they wake up with painful erections at night, they suffer infections, they can't satisfy their sexual urges, and even many weeks post-op, they are still suffering.

I realize that for some, the foreskin is in serious need of shortening. If you can't retract it, sex is painful or if you've had repeated infections, then yes, you need to do something.

However, is it possible that doing exercises could accomplish the same thing as surgery? There have been many reports of phimosis being cured through exercises. Of course it will take a long time, and many people give up or aren't consistent. But still, you'd have no pain, no inconvenience, and not only could you continue to satisfy your sexual urges, you could even indulge during your foreskin stretching exercises.

I'm no doctor, so you might want to get additional opinions on this matter.

However, there's an interesting memoir, possibly fictional, at

Cheers, - Jeremy

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Go here and join hundreds and thousands of men who are 'stretching' their way to normal retraction. It shouldn't cost a cent, and there's no chance of uncontrolled bleeding, infections, or weeks of discomfort ... Everything is in YOUR hands ... no one else need touch you, and no silly, ignorant doctor will benefit financially. See:

Well you would have to be specific about problematic. The main difference between babies and adult people is babies can't complain and they don't really worry about their penises, but their parents do.

It is easier for a grown man to keep his penis clean after circumcision than it is for a mother or father when changing baby diapers from pee and poo.

Most of the issues are manageable and there are ways to minimise certain risks and "problems" but yes, you may and most likely will feel some discomfort.

Stretching might help but the success rate isn't all too high. It also depends on the severity of your phimosis. Can you pull your foreskin down without any discomfort when you are flaccid? If not, then stretching might not help you.

The best thing to do is consult ur urologist in what he or she thinks is best. But having a few issues for a week or two and then having a healthy penis is much better than not having issues for two weeks with possible issues in the future and infections due to phimosis. It is up to you, however, those that needed circumcision due to phimosis are 95% happy that they had it done. Most people that are against circumcision are those that have been circumcised at birth and "had no say in it".

Experiences vary, some will tell you its worse after circ, most will tell you its better after circ. If it is personal preference, it is up to you what you do. However if it is due to medical reasons I would not postpone it.

Medibation in reply to Cipher

Where did you get the 95% happy figure? Are you sure it's true? As to babies, I thought about mentioning that, because it is a travesty to do that to a young one, but wanted to keep my post simple. Finally, as to consulting a urologist, good luck getting an unbiased opinion. The profit from doing a circumcision is way higher than recommending exercises. Such are my thoughts, anyway. - Jeremy,

He’s fabricating that figure.

So do you. Awhile ago you wrote "Foreskins have absolutely nothing to do with the transmission of the HIV. That was proven in Europe nearly 50 years ago." I asked you where this was published but I never got an answer. Why? Simply, because you made it up!

The men of Europe proved that foreskins do not transmit the HIV. Incidences of AIDs were much lower in intact European men than they were in circumcised American men. History is the reference.

Cipher in reply to Medibation

I am talking about men that undergo circumcision due to health reasons and not due to cosmetic or religious reasons. It isn't a study, just my personal experience with people that have undergone the procedure and generally the vast majority of people on the forum after they had the circumcision done. Either way, I am not telling you to go one way or the other, the decision is up to you I don't care what you do, it is your penis not mine so feel free to do whatever. All I am saying is to consult your doctor.

jimfromcalif in reply to Cipher

Short of cancer or gangreen, what are medical reasons?


Ok, but these statistics show us that the incidence rate for men in Spain (243 in 1,000,000) approached that in the United States (304 in 1,000,000) in 1992, and three additional countries (France, Switzerland and Italy) showed rates above 100 per million. But these are only numbers and don't tell us about the cause of these rates. Do you still think that their circumcision status has anything to do with it, because most men in Spain, France, Switzerland and Italy are uncircumcised!

The presence or absence of a foreskin has nothing to do with transmission of HIV. Condoms are the factor.

Rood_A in reply to Cipher

Oh, Cipher ... your prejudices are showing. All parents have to do when cleaning an infant's penis is to wipe it clean ... that's ALL.

It's far easier to keep a baby's penis clean than it is his fingers .... but according to your logic ... parents should amputate an infant's fingers, too, because they are sooo hard to keep clean.

First of all, infant foreskins are stuck to the glans, much as a kitten's eyes are glued shut at birth. If you wouldn't use metal probes to force a kitten's eyes open, why use metal probes to forcibly separate the protective foreskin from an infant's glans penis? Crazy, man. Just crazy.

You need to take a course in logic ... and in the anatomy and functions of the intact penis.

Cipher in reply to Rood_A

And you need a course in reading. I was talking about a freshly circumcised penis, not an uncircumcised penis. Once you learn to read, then please, by all means feel free to engage in a conversation with me.

jimfromcalif in reply to Cipher

Over 30 years of experience in coaching men with phimosis have shown that stretching works when its done. Failures occur because of failure to take the situation seriously. My forum is an open book of testimony to the efficacy of noninvasive foreskin therapy.

If you go to that website you can read there "because this forum is moderated, you will not then see your submission until the moderator has a chance to confirm it". Could it be that there is a censorship and that only the positive stories are posted?

Actually, I blocked only Jake Waskett, a rabid pro-circ fanatic who acted as a troll. Porn was also blocked and photos of minors were removed. The rest was published as written. Any editing was permanented reported as edited.

Not necessarily a travesty. The foreskin, even though having uses is superfluous. Just like the appendix, it is not required. Be it for medical, aesthetic or religious reasons the opinions vary, however, medical reasons, as in you need the circumcision there is no reason to be unhappy as the other option is suffering from phimosis for the rest of your life and the side effects that go hand in hand with it.

Well there are doctors that tell you if you need a circumcision or if you can try exercises first. As for profit, not sure where you are from probably US where it might cost thousands of dollars but otherwise circumcisions aren't that expensive?

Rood_A in reply to Cipher

Cipher ... please don't make a fool of yourself. Doctors and hospitals charge parents and their insurance hundreds of dollars to amputate infant foreskins .... AFTER they get the parents to sign a release form, which gives them the right to dispose of the foreskins.

What ... you think they throw them away? Think again.

Infant foreskins are collected and SOLD to the highest bidder ... for use in cosmetics, tissue banks ... what have you. Oprah Winfrey advertises Skin Medica products, which she smears on her face. So what do you think is in that face cream.

You guessed right if you would answer fibroblasts from infant foreskins.

Cipher in reply to Rood_A

I hope you had your tinfoil hat on. After reading my posts and reading your posts I am pretty sure people can make up their minds on who is "fooling" themselves. Anywho, I know what your stance is, and you know mine, feel free to ignore my posts and I most certainly will do with yours. All the best.

jimfromcalif in reply to Cipher

Why sre you so stinking defensive?

Right. We're in the US where the medical system is entirely out of control.

Cipher in reply to Medibation

Don't let people sway you one way or the other on these forums. People can give advice but ultimately the decision is up to you. Nobody is going to force you to get circumcised, even if you need it, you can make the choice to ignore it and potentially live a life without issues. My personal experience with men being circumcised, whether it is my friends, or even family the only thing they regretted was them not doing it sooner. Other people's experiences may differ, very much possible. But don't let people feed you BS here. Should you have any further questions with my experiences, feel free to message me. Otherwise best of luck to you!

jimfromcalif in reply to Cipher

The problem with this group is the prejudice that circumcision is the best choice. If it were, the billions of intact males would be in line to get it done. The argument for surgery really has no real evidence.

The problem with this group is that it has a great attraction to anti-circumcision activists with a foreskin fetishism.

Your formative years growing up in community of mostly circumcised boys caused you to be prejudiced.

Not sure where I have come in this conversation but other than routine cleaning there is no need to make any special provision to clean a baby boy when uncircumcised.

Cipher in reply to jaglad

The whole conversation started with adult circumcision vs infant circumcision and what are the differences in "risks". I mentioned that I felt like adult circumcision is easier to handle, as a grown adult can keep himself clean easier than a baby that got circumcised with nappies having poo and pee in them and the risk of an infection due to that when left unchecked by the parents. No one ever has had issue with how easy it is to keep an uncircumcised baby clean, that was the interpretation of those anti-circumcision tinfoil hat people :).

I understand more now. I wonder if there has been any studies into the risks. Personally I do not think babies should be circumcised unless there is a medical reason. I have spoken to couple of friends who where circumcised as babies on Religious grounds. And it seems that for many it was peer pressure from Parents friends and Family. For some reason my elder Brother was done as a baby, I was not. Mother is no longer with us so we do not know why.

My brother-in-law was not going to have my nephew 'done.' Various members of the family climbed all over him, insisting that his baby get the procedure. Finally he caved in. Now, my nephew, almost 20 years old, seems to be turning out as a fine, gentle and intelligent person. However, I can't help wondering if children who have been circed carry with them a lifelong distrust, cynicism, etc. After all, the very first learning experience they had as human beings was very negative indeed. In fact, I heard that they didn't use anesthesia until after the 1950s. Evidently the doctors actually thought 'babies didn't feel pain.' I guess they just screamed for no reason.

Dr Ron Goldman, PHD has wriiten a good book about the psychological trauma of adult neonatally circumcised men.

What your saying is all good and well but in my case circumcision was the only as you’ve stated but it’s weather people want to spend the rest of their life’s stretching foreskin I know I would rather have an uncomfortable month and be as good as new again 😂

jimfromcalif in reply to Ryanr

You are privileged to believe that, but real life cases the same as yours have been completely cured in a matter of 2-6 months. Those who use non-invasive therapy don’t lose the function of the foreskin or put themselves at risk to complications.

Ryanr in reply to jimfromcalif

Once your foreskins lost its elasticity there’s no getting it back yeah stretch it by all means but stretching isn’t a permanent fix or cure. When it’s gone it’s gone.

jimfromcalif in reply to Ryanr

Lost its elasticity? How?

There are people who believe exercises won't work, or will take too long. Even more so with things like eyesight. Both of my parents and all four grandparents wore glasses. In my sixties now, and I still don't need glasses, because I performed eye exercises. I was circed at birth, so I can't definitively say that foreskin stretching will work for you, but I believe one who has patience, diligently doing the exercises several times daily, can see fairly remarkable results in a reasonable amount of time. Besides, getting an erection and 'playing with it' several times a day seems like a lot more fun that waiting for the pain and swelling to do down. - Jeremy,

"Besides, getting an erection and 'playing with it' several times a day seems like a lot more fun that waiting for the pain and swelling to do down"

Am I spotting here a dirty foreskin fetishist?

Tiimmy, if circumcision solved your problem, why are you hanging around here?

just helping and reassuring others who wanna be circumcised or already have been circumcised.

That’s a valid reason. I feel my reason is also valid.

And what's that? Trying to scare off boys and men who wanna or gotta be circumcised?

Everyone is entitled to the truth.

You mean YOUR truth and the truth of the rest of the anti-circumcision sect.

There is but one truth. You were unfortunately conditioned by your environment to adopt false ideology known as body dysmorphia which is common among pro circumcision circles, oddly so in England which is largely a non-circumcising country. I highly doubt you’ll ever be cured, but that’s your burden to bear. My calling is to provide a natural alternative to mutilation and disfigurement. A testament to my efforts is in the hundreds of success stories told by those who embraced the truth.

Are you telling now that I and with me all others who have been circumcised are mentally ill because we are glad we're circumcised?

Well, it's a good thing that you first made your research. What I can tell you is that millions of people generally circumcise for 2 reasons. That is; because of religious or because of cultural reasons. Medically there are quiet a few things that can be done in order to avoid having to go through all that pain you are describing. ( I got circumcised 4 years ago because I broke my penis so I know that pain too)...

The problem with circumcising though is that over time you loose your sensitivity on your glans, this can happen in a period of 10 years or so. It also means that you won't enjoy sex like an uncircumcised person. So you also want to consider that before you circumcise. Foreskin is not like hair that you can cut it and next week you have a new one. It is there for a reason!

I agree that the foreskin has a purpose. It's there for protecting the glans. If we would be naked always, we certainly would need this protection but now it has completely lost this function. Another function of the foreskin is to keep the head moist. If you don't keep it moist, it's gonna dry out with as result less sensitivity in the glans. Therefore is it very important for every circumcised man to moisturize daily their glans. I can assure you that there won't be any loss of sensitivity.e

A male with phimosis has several options.

1. He may elect to remain as he is and do nothing. One can live a lifetime with a non-retractable foreskin. It is reported that sex with a non-retractile foreskin not only is possible, but very pleasurable.

2. He may elect to undertake manual stretching to widen the tip and/or to lengthen the frenulum. It works by tissue expansion. Stretching skin induces “mitosis” which is a word that means “division of cells”. New skin cells are formed and the skin expands but it takes some time. Complete information on that is available at:

Even a very tight foreskin can be stretched.

3. Plastic surgery. Preputioplasty is one of several plastic surgical operations that reshapes the foreskin without removing it. Preputioplasty preserves the foreskin and all of its numerous protective, immunological, sensory, and sexual functions.

Frenulum breve may also be treated by a simple plastic operation either to lengthen the frenulum or to cut it.

4. Circumcision is a radical operation that amputates more than 50 percent of the skin from the penis. It destroys the 20 protective, immunological, sensory, and sexual functions of the foreskin. It is now considered to be an operation of last resort, to be used when conservative treatment fails.



The WHO (World Health Organization) reports that risk is 60 to 70 percent lower in people who are circumcised. According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), circumcision also lowers the risk of a person with a penis getting herpes and human papillomavirus (HPV) from vaginal intercourse.

Hidden in reply to georgewhittington

How does that explain the lower rates of HIV in Europe to the USA. Most Europeans are intact, most Americans are circumcised, surely you’d have a massively lower HIV instance than us. I’d love to know who was behind those figures.

roddythescot in reply to Hidden

The major sources of HIV/AIDS in the USA are not vaginal sex (for which circumcision has been proven to be a protector - along with condoms), but sharing needles for drug injection or homosexual sex where one party's circumcision status is irrelevant.

In Europe the major source is heterosexual sex.

Hidden in reply to roddythescot

60-70% sounds ridiculous to me. I wonder where the figures actually come from, if it was from an American backed census I’d be very dubious, I’m sure a lot of pro-circumcision polls are backed by clinicians in the USA. After all, minor operations that are mostly not needed make a lot of money for them.


And let’s not forget, the best and uninvasive way to keep HIV transmission down is to use condoms, rather than tell men that circumcision will make them infallible to the disease, as some guys stupidly believe.

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