adult circumcision/frenulectomy

Hi there!

I'm a 24-year-old student from the UK. I'm considering getting circumcised soon (with frenectomy) but I have a few questions and I would like to hear from other people who've been circumcised as adults (not as babies).

I would especially like to hear about people who've also undergone a frenectomy (i.e. removal of the frenulum on the underside of the penis), at the same time as their circumcision (as adults). Do you think the result was worth it - both cosmetically and sexually? Would you say the degree of scarring is acceptable, purely on appearance?

Am I right in thinking that getting a frenectomy would reduce the sensitivity of my penis and so help with issues of premature ejaculation?

How would you rate the difference in sensitivity post-circumcision + frenulectomy?

Any advice or sharing of personal experience on this topic would be welcome. I would be grateful if you could stick to the topic. I do not wish for this thread to turn into a general discussion on circumcision as there is plenty of information on this elsewhere.

Thank you for your help!


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  • It's not clear Bill why you are considering circumcision. It certainly should never to be undertaken lightly so you're right to investigate thoroughly. FAQS here:

  • Hi, I had an unwanted frenulectomy in an accident at the age of 27 (don't ask) and I had a circumcision at the age of 55. The frenulectomy definitely caused a loss of sensation but that may have been due to the fact it was torn rather than surgically cut. The circumcision has actually improved things slightly, not sure why. Hope this is of some help.

  • Thank you for sharing your experience fat-boy (great name by the way)! This is very helpful.

    Would you say the loss of sensation post-frenulectomy was something negative, or do you feel like it helped you be more in control during sex? Any idea why getting circumcised later on 'improved' things for you?

    I'd love to hear about other people's experiences of getting their frenulum removed.

  • Also, how would you rate the overall appearance of your penis now? Is there any visible scarring?

  • Overall appearance is fine although I have an appointment to go back for further foreskin removal. I am diabetic and one drawback is reoccurring infections. My surgeon did what he called an American circumcision which basically meant he left me with a sort of polo neck effect. I wanted and now need full removal of the foreskin to prevent the infections. The accidental frenulectomy was stitched up in A&E by a rather ham fisted doctor which left a skin flap and scar tissue. This meant that only certain sexual positions worked for me. It was as if I needed more pressure on the scarred area to acheive ejaculation. Following the first circumcision and with less foreskin the situation did improve slightly. I do wish that I hadn’t torn the skin though as the sensation of the pulled back foreskin putting tension on that area was a sensation I miss. With this knowledge I wouldn’t choose to have the frenulectomy by choice. Hope this all makes sense?

  • ps: What is the reason why you are considering circumcision?

  • There are two reasons really...

    The main one is that I want to gain more control over my level of excitation during sex. As it is now, I feel like I have very little control over the timing of my orgasms - due to too much sensitivity or receptivity (whatever you call it).

    I want to be able to let go completely when having sex.

    I wish I didn't have to tell my partner to hold back constantly or even have to move their hand away from my penis repeatedly as this feels disruptive to the connection that takes place during lovemaking.

    I'm ridiculously sensitive to handjobs in particular. I'm usually on the verge of ejaculating within a minute of starting intercourse, if the other person isn't 'careful' enough - which they shouldn't have to be, in my opinion! My idea of sexual intercourse is that both partners should be able to let go, to a certain degree.

  • The second reason is aesthetic. I just love the appearance of a clean circumcised penis - especially the high-and-tight version. I also like the appearance of a frenulum-less penis (even 'cleaner'-looking, in my opinion). However, the appearance factor remains an added bonus to the potential gain of control and overall reduction of sensitivity to stimulation.

  • Hi Bill_gates,

    Please share after removing Frenulum did you get more control and can stay longer? I am also interested to remove Frenulum as for the same reason.


  • Fat-boy, I was wondering whether you would you be prepared to share pictures of your penis (in private, obviously)? It's quite difficult to find pictures of guys that have had both a circumcision and a frenulectomy. Of course, no worries at all if you'd rather not :-)

  • I would have no objection to that in principle. It would have to be once I have seen my specialist so I can get some more antibiotics as I cannot pull back the remaining foreskin at the moment due to the infection causing a very tight skin. I think the procedure to remove the frenulum would certainly help you with ejaculation control as the scar tissue would be less sensative and a circumcised penis does look neat and tidy I think.

  • Cool, here's my email: Just pop me an email when you can send pictures :-)

  • I will drop you a line asap.

  • did you get my email?

  • Yes I did, sorry Hotmail won't let me reply though - it's a new email address I opened for posting on here. It seems I can read but not send messages - which is rather strange?

  • Very strange indeed.

  • Do it! Women prefer the clean lines and bulbous head, especially, from my experience African women. Being circumsized is also by far the best natural method of HIV prevention. You won't get any more smeg to clean either. Sensitivity, a bit less but you will still orgasm just feeling like the king for being able to get your partner to 'ladies first' beforehand! Do it!

  • Hi Brian127!

    Thanks for your reply. I appreciate the encouragements :-)

    Were you circumcised as an adult? Did you also get your frenulum removed?

    Thank you!


  • Nah, my Grandpa was a Russian Jew who came to the UK in the 50's, I had the snip as a kid, never saw the skin. But do not let your personal decision of conscience be affected by what you fear others may think, it's been all positive!

  • Oh yeah, still got my Freny, it's proper sensitive like the clit of a woman, it's worth having!!! Stay strong brother!

  • I had it done when I was 18. I'm now 22 and I'm so glad I had it done. Not going to lie, the procedure is perfectly fine and all the medical staff were really professional. However, the recovery was a nightmare. Due to the nature of the surgery and stitches, controlling erections at night when you're asleep is impossible and used to leave me in agony. So you'll quickly learn to take loads of short little naps through-out the day. Its worth the 2 weeks of pain. Hope this helps

  • Thanks for your reply BarnyBear! Did you get a frenulectomy at the same time as your circumcision?

  • Hi,

    Welcome to this forum site,here u can find lots of things, I suggest u for your problem you have to contact your friends,I am not able to give u answer right now,sorry for that.


  • Hi Bill,

    I am wondering whether you have considered trying one or more of the many desensitising delay sprays for men before going down the surgery path?  They might well help in overcoming issues with premature ejaculation.  As we all know, all surgery carries a degree of risk, and you don't want to undergo a procedure unless there is no other option, especially on this part of your anatomy.

    I was circumcised as an adult, but still have my frenulum and in my opinion my penis looks better for it; sexually I don't think it made a huge difference, but overall I'm pleased I had it done and have no regrets. I imagine you have discussed this with your girlfriend/partner?

    Post-operation was quite painful once the bandage had been removed, but the stitches were water soluble which was an unutterable relief!! I had a salt bath every day and from memory the stitches had dissolved within about a week.  I didn't push things too quickly and it was about a month before I resumed any sexual activity.

    Let me know if I can help you further.

    If you decide to go ahead, then good luck and perhaps you will come back and let us know how it goes.



  • Hi Peter! Thanks for your reply. I actually got circumcised yesterday. It all went really well. My willy's a bit swollen and bruised today. Yes, I did discuss it with my partner and she didn't have a problem with it at all. I'm supposed to remove the bandages tomorrow - I hope it won't hurt too much! Having salt baths sounds like a great idea; I might try that. I can't see much right now because my junk's all wrapped up. I might have a better view tomorrow. Will let you know! :-)

  • Hi Bill,

    Thanks for taking the time and trouble to reply. So very pleased that the op went well; I remember how nervous I was immediately before my circumcision, but I'm absolutely sure that neither you nor your girlfriend will ever regret the decision. I've never regreted being cut and I only wish I had been 'done' earlier in life. When I was 'done', I was in hospital for at least three days (you weren't chucked out so quickly after operations in those days) and the dressing was removed by a nurse and it was the hospital staff that made me have daily baths, which I continued once I got home. Just a thought. You're going to be considerably more sensitive (and sore) than usual to start with, so it might be a good idea to remove the dressing whilst you're having a bath; soaking the dressings may help them to come away from the skin more easily and with less discomfort. Don't be concerned when you first see the results; it'll be a bit bloody, bruised and swollen to start with (well, I was at any rate), but that will soon go down and then will you be able to get a good idea of how you will look. I remember that I had a succession of junior doctors appearing at my bedside in the ward asking to 'have a look', and it got to be such a frequent occurrence that I quipped I'd need an 'Equity' card (the actor's union membership card) if many more people asked. I'd never before - or since - had so many girls asking to see my penis!! :)  If I can be slightly personal, I found that it paid dividends to use plenty of lube once I felt ready to resume sexual activity, and it took a fair time for me to lose a measure of sensitivity. These days there are so many more products on the market compared with those that were available in my day, that I am sure you could find some desensitising lube that may help you in the early days, if you felt that would be helpful. Like you, I'd had real difficulties in lasting more than a minute or two before orgasming.  Sorry for the length of this post. Take care, don't rush things - and let us know how things go.  


  • Thank you so much for your post, Peter! I really appreciate the support and the advice. I was pretty nervous too right before the operation, but I was fine afterwards.

    There is so much contradictory information out there about whether to avoid water or not after the circumcision. The guy at the clinic said that I should stay away from baths for at least four weeks. I'm avoiding water for now as it's still pretty sore - it's only been four days, mind you.

    There is a fair bit of bruising and swelling. I'm a bit paranoid about it getting infected. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, hoping the healing process is smooth.

    Any more aftercare advice would be welcome.

    Have a nice day!


  • Hi Bill,

    Thanks so much for your kind response.

    I feel bad that I gave you bad advice; or at least advice that goes against current medical opinion.  Certainly, as I said the hospital which 'did' me got me having baths almost immediately after the op, but then in my experience borne of many years experience, medical thinking changes frequently, and what is deemed good on a Monday suddenly becomes frowned upon by Saturday!!

    Just out of interest, do you live in the UK?

    Four weeks does seem a very long time to wait before you can bathe; presumably you are at least able to wash around that area, even if you do your utmost to avoid getting your penis wet? If not, then I would have thought that the risk of infection would be unnecessarily high and I can easily understand why you would be getting more than a little bit concerned about that. Of course as I'm not medically trained, my opinion is probably worth very little, and certainly I am not suggesting you go against what you have been told by your professional healthcare providers. Have you removed the dressings yet? 

    If you've been told to refrain from bathing for a month, do you mind if I ask for how long you were advised to wait before resuming sex?

    I'm sorry that I don't really have much to share with you concerning your recovery, other than let your body take the time it requires to heal and rush to get sexual again. I don't mind admitting that after my op (and I didn't lose my frenulum), I was quite apprehensive before resuming sex, and initially got used to my 'new' penis by masturbating using plenty of lube, and only when I had built up sufficient confidence, did I include my girlfriend (who was brilliantly supportive throughout) in my recuperation before we ultimately resumed sexual intercourse. That first time was an anxious one, believe me - and yours may well be too!  :)

    If you want to keep in touch, please do; if not then may I take this opportunity to wish you a speedy and uncomplicated recovery, and a quick return to an even more happy and joyful sex life with your girlfriend.

    All the best and kind regards,




  • Bill,

    Sorry for the typo.  I meant to write 'and don't rush to get sexual again'.



  • Hi Peter!

    I have now removed the plasters. It's very swollen and raw underneath, as you'd imagine! I did bathe eventually, as you suggested - I found it helped with taking the plasters off. Apart from this, I try and keep getting my cock wet to the absolute minimum. I usually only fill the bathtub halfway to wash, which seems to work fine.

    There has been a fair bit of pain in the last few days, especially at night. I get woken up by the most excruciating erections in the early morning! It feels like torture. I found the only way to deal with is to get out of bed and stand for a minute or so until the erection subsides. Very strange things those penises!

    Nobody mentioned anything about resuming sex at the clinic - I didn't ask either. I suppose I could have. To be honest, I'm not really in a rush to get things started again on that front. Neither is my girlfriend; she understands it will take me a while to recover from the surgery.

    No, I don't live in the UK - I'm travelling a lot at the moment.

    Thanks for your help!


  • Did you get this donevthrough the nhs. If so how long did you wait and did you just visit the gp asking for it. I really want it done too

  • Hi Bill,

    So good to hear from you.

    Yes, it's not the prettiest of sights is it, when first unwrapped? Be assured, though, that as the healing process continues and the swelling subsides you'll begin to get a better idea of how you will finally look, and when it's fully healed I'm sure you'll be more than happy with your 'new' penis. 

    I'm glad you decided to take my advice and removed the dressings whilst bathing; for me it made the process much less traumatic and distressing and I hope you found the same. Well done for finding a workable method of washing yourself. Not that easy, I imagine. 

    I'm so sorry you're suffering from those wretched morning erections; I feel your pain, but I haven't any clever suggestions to make as from memory I did much the same as you and just got out of bed to await a return to normality. The poor chap has had quite a bashing, to be fair! I'm not sure about penises being just strange; in my experience more like perverse and downright bloody-minded at times. They go up when you don't want them to and on occasions don't when you do.  Well, the older you get the more the latter happens. :-(  But on balance, I'm rather glad I own one!!  

    It's good that you and your girlfriend are not rushing into things; let your body heal fully and anyway, what's a month or two in the grand scheme of life? 

    I do hope that you find that this op will have helped you with the sensitivity issues, although be prepared for it to take a bit of time before it all settles down and the glans especially becomes more desensitised.

    It's been great chatting to you over the past few days, Bill, and I hope I may have been of some help to you. It'd be good to hear from you again, maybe in a few weeks time to find out how things have panned out.     

    Enjoy your travels and I wish you and your girlfriend all the very best.


  • Hi bill, did you go nhs or private for your op?

  • Circumcision is good for cleanliness of glan penis . But the foreskin if kept helps in gliding and stimulating clitoral zone and opening of partner's vazina . I have the experience . It all depends on the stimulation , mood etc . No significant effect of circumcision . Frenulum should remain . It's a sensesational zone .But all porno videos I have seen is all circumcissed glan penis . Many religions also prefer circumcision. Really does not matter . Show you surgeon .Let them decide . Don't bother. Circumcised glans penis is better to suck like a boiled egg . It all depends how both of you want and feel.

  • Hi Bill, how does it look like now? I'm thinking about the same thing- circumcision with frenectomy, did you done it through NHS or privately?

  • One thing is sure though you can go hours as you desire in bed after circumcism. I was done at the age of 30. I wish I had done before.

  • Don't do it! I had to due to phomosis but told my Uroligist to save my frenilun! My how I dislike it. Dry and no smoothness but keep it it is way better! Learn your body!!!. I never had complaints they loved to suck and chew on my foreskin. I had it at 47 years old. Do not get circumcised unless medically necessary! I miss those beautiful days!!!. I kept my frenilun don't make the biggest mistake ever. I have no problem having orgasms due to me keeping my frenilum! !!

  • Hi Bill,

    Any update on sensitivity issues now? I see it was over a year ago since you had your operation. I've been considering it for the same reason. Has it helped? I've read in some places that it can exacerbate the problem but for me, I can't actually see how it could get much worse and obviously, since I'm considering going under the knife, I'm pretty much prepared to try anything as nothing so far has worked.

    Any advice/information you can give would be very much appreciated!


  • Cheers Guys!..So like,does circumcision hurth?..I mean I Know that after surgery u will have some pain with erections and all that stuff..BUT DOES IT HURTH DURING THE OPERATION.

  • Hi Lilman. I didn't feel a thing on Saturday. During my prep, I was told I'd have a general anaesthetic but on the day, the anaesthetist opted for a spiral injection. Because the first one didn't work, that had to be repeated. So, I was wide awake during the op. I could feel movement but nothing else at all, which was a strange experience. By the time left the hospital (where I was for 11 hours, due to the double injection) the dressing had come loose in my underpants. Up to now (day 3), I've not had any paid at all.

  • The best type of circumcision is the "very low and very tight".

    I did mine that way at 28 years old and was the best.

    The type of mandatory circumcision that has been done in older children and adults in Africa and several developed and undeveloped countries, to diminish (not to avoid), in 60%, the risk to get AIDS, is the so called "low and tight" circumcision, in which all inner skin ( mucuous skin) is cut off, suturing the external skin (very tight) just behind the glans (head). This type of procedure is the only one that can reach a such preventive health purpose, because the "high & tight" and the "loose" types, leaving intact the inner skin, a source of the "Langerhans cells" a propitious field for the propagation of AIDS and other STD diseases. Others say also to avoid the cancer of penis, because secrets the awful smegna and all its consequences and are absolutelly useless for a such purpose.

    That way, if circumcision become mandatory in United States to diminish the risk of AIDS, that type must be the "low & tight, the best one on every way. I'm completly satisfied with mine.

    Bill Plows

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