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Recurring bacterial Prostatitis

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Hi I had Prostatitis last year around may, I took antibiotic ( levofloxacin) for 28 days and the symptoms disappeared. I’m having the same symptoms again where you see blood in semen when you ejaculate.

Please help

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If antibiotic treatment does not work on prostatitis, try herbal medicine, like Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. My friend, Derek, had chronic prostatitis for about 7 years. He has consulted 7 to 9 doctors for treating this disease and have tried all possible treatments. But the infection still keeps on and off. He has no idea why it recurs repeatedly.

After he read a testimonial about a man with 20 years of chronic prostatitis and cured completely by the pill, he decided to have a try. After one course of the treatment, he felt the prostate pain was relieved a little. After taking this pill for 3 months, his urinary issues were almost resolved and the pain was relieved greatly.

Hope this answer can help you well.


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