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Circumcision after problems


Hi, I'm 27yrs old and I recently got circumcised, a week back.. My doctor has advised me to not to keep bandage now and keep the part open which will help the wound heal early. Now whenever my glance touches the pants, I feel pain and at the bottom of the glance I have the wound which is swollen and that is the part where I had suffered with paraphimosis 3 times.. Now the bottom of the glance is still swollen and it has 2,3 small bubbles kind of wound.. I have been visiting my doctor almost everyday and he says that it is fine and nothing to worry about.. Is this thing common?

And the worst pain is when I pee for the first time in the morning.. I pains like hell, for which the doctor had adviced me to drink lots of water and even after that if you feel the pain take a pain killer.

My question here is that all the problems I mention are these common?

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Yes they are all fairly common. If you can, keep the area uncovered. I would wear a loose fitting soft dressing gown when at home. When I had to wear pants, tight fitting 'Jocky' type shorts are best underneath. This helps keep everything in place and reduces movement and hence pain. If I needed a dressing I would use a melonin bandage, this is shiny on one side to prevent sticking, smeared in Vaseline. Drinking plenty of water is a good idea.

Jayesh29 in reply to jaglad

Thank you for the update but as its more than a month now.. I have no problem as of now but the bottom part is still Swollen and I even tried mastubating which was not painful.

But I could feel my glance very tight but that small. Swelling is still there also that is the same part where I had suffered with paraphimosis.

I shared this with my doctor he said don't worry it will take one month more to heal.

Is this okay?

All the issues that you have described are pretty normal though you have to be specific on what kind of pain you have while peeing. The only thing that comes to mind that could hurt while peeing is it being caused by the swelling which is normal. Other than that, peeing shouldn't really hurt and normally a circumcision doesn't cause that.

However most peeing issues pass when the swelling goes down. Keep an eye on your incision section, it should not be bleeding too much. Clean your penis with chamomile tea every time you pee. Pour it over the penis or dip it for like 30 seconds and then take it out.

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