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Infection after circumcision


Hi guys,

Wondering if any of you could help me out...I got circumcised 11 days ago due to tight foreskin. I am concerned that I have either picked up an infection or the stitches have fallen out early causing an open wound which is creating a sticky, smelly liquid.

I have attached a photo (sorry for the graphic content)

If anyone can help please reply! Thanks

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Meet your surgeon

Seek medical advice as soon as possible. It sounds infected and will probably need medication.

Get an appointment with your doc. You're going to need antibiotics or medical intervention

Going through the same think but I was advised to apply Chloramex Ophthalmic Ointment at least 3 times a day. I do see the difference. Wash the wound with Salty water.

Ill update you on the improvement on my side. But do see your doctor if you get time.

Complications of one kind or another following circumcision are relatively common. Like you, I too had an infection, but it was after the stitches had dissolved. Nonetheless it was just as unpleasant and debilitating as yours. You need medical attention as soon as possible. Do you have a walk-in Small Injuries unit (or the like) near you? Without waiting for a GP appointment, I was able to attend a unit attached to my local cottage hospital and was examined by a nurse within minutes. I was prescribed with an antibiotic immediately.

I do hope you are able to receive the same standard of medical attention as I was.


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