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Swollen shaft after circumcision


Hi everybody. Circumcised last wednesday, removed bandages 24h after surgery, It looked pretty well as seen in the pic. Next days, swelling has increased. No pain and no blood, but swollen shaft skin covers glans when sit or standing. When lying uncover. I keep penis upright, apart from this,, any advice about reducing swelling? I know It's difficult to know, but may be someone that has had similar appearance or issues could tell me if final result was a bare glans or partial covered one.. Thanks

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Wait, there seems to be some inflammation. It should reduce, if not medicine should help

Hey, I’m going through the same thing right now. I would take some ibuprofen to keep the inflammation down and I would try icing your penis every hour for 20 minutes or so and I think this should help. Good luck with your recovery!

thanks, I've been taken ibuprofen since the first day, but will ask dr. about ice (visit this thrusday). Nice recovery to you also !!

Swelling is normal after circumision due to lymphoedema.

Hi bud this is normal and looks indetical to what mine did so don’t worry too much I’m now over 4 months being circumcised and I’m so happy I did tbh, check through my journey and your be fine mate trust me!!

thanks Chris, thanks everybody. I've to said that there's no pain and almost no blood, and the frenulum area looks much better than many pics posted. It's only the shaft skin, that after day 2 swollen and cover part of the glans.

Chris, I dare to ask you if the swollen foreskin covered your glans similary to my pics.

Thank you again

Yes it did exactly

Like yours mate, don’t what ever u do try to pull the skin back it’s trying to heal under neath so just salt water it morning and evening and don’t pull the skin just rest it in the cup

thanks Chris, I know I've to wait, only 5 days from surgery, but I'm wondering about final appearance (bare glans or partial covered ??). regards

Look at my recent post 4 months one it will be like that

thanks Chris, hope so !!

Trust me it will, why did u get it done

long foreskin, couple balanitis, short frenulum, some ussues with sex..... Not a problem at all when younger but now at 52 I suppose skin lost elasticity. In fact I wasn't 100% necessary, at least now, but decided to go on solved anything and avoid future problems. Doctor told me that glans will remain always exposed. Not so sure now. Of course, It's very recent.

I had mine done the same day. Looks almost identical! I’d say my swelling is even worse though as I think I have been overdoing it on the walking front and creating a bit of friction.

Going to follow your progress as it seems we are in a similar boat!

I think it looks pretty good bud. Mine was 10 days ago and I still have a swallen shaft that's worse than yours. However my glans is completely exposed. Good luck recovering!

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