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Swelling after Circumcision


It's been 3 days since my circumcision and so far so good. I have however noticed the swelling. I have noticed that the swelling I had before has gone down slightly, but there are places where i haven't noticed a difference.

The skin in general is still quite swollen, especially where the frenelum used to be! To be honest I'd expect it to be very swollen here as I've heard that's the part that takes the longest to heal. It's also a purple/dark red colour because of the bruising and hasn't improved much. Also on the back left of my head I have the same colour (bruising) and is actually slightly swollen?

Does anyone know when the swelling will improve and if there are any ways to help reduce this swelling faster?

I'm happy so far it's just because of the swelling, my penis looks very... abnormal when flacid. When I do get some growth (not an erection) it begins to look a lot better, this how I know its all swelling, but of course I'm anxious!

If anyone has any advice that would be greatly appreciated!

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Bruising and swelling after circumcision is very common and can take a couple of weeks to resolve. If you're concerned call back at where the procedure was done and discuss your concerns with them.

Hi there, I used to take bath in Salty water after the 3 days which helped me quicker settling the swelling and beautifully heal the scar line. As I found later these day after reading the comments I was circumcised as tight low cut. By the way I was circumcised at the age of 30 on personal preference. I found the scar line was slightly raised and thicken for about 6 months. The Doc left excessive skin underneath my penis head So I have to correct it after 8 months. I am now happy with the out look of my manhood. I normally get positive comments from girls regarding the looks and tidiness of my penis. Enjoy the benefits.

manishlamha in reply to Sojoguy

I am also circumcised 5 days before my swelling is making an issue and pain is also very much... my doctor has also left excessive skin under the penis.. what does it mean....?? Do i need to correct it???

Santhis in reply to Sojoguy

So I have to correct it after 8 month

>> What is this procedure? Could you please explain?

Again we have the feel the pain : ( ?

Kevin27 in reply to Santhis

actually i have been circumcised when i was 15 . When I turned 21 i actually decided to be circumcised again . I can say that I have nice looking penis when its hard but if its not its actually not good to look at . Mine is tight low cut as well and even though that its painful to have but you can benefit the result forever :)

LuckyD in reply to Sojoguy

Hi Bro.

I hve same problem.i have circumised before 1.5 month ago.Still there was bit thick swelling on the line of penis..How to cure this?

Prani in reply to LuckyD

hi ,I had circumcised 10days back then after that bit of swelling on that area so is salt water really helping or not ?

what is the meaning of salt water?

I mean is salt directly mixing with water or else ? and how to use it?

plz reply me...

Kevin27 in reply to Prani

salt water will be the sea water .



Swelling is very common.

Icing the area numerous times a day will help dramatically, once your bandages are off again soaking the area salt water will speed up healing.

Prani in reply to Hidden

hi ,I had circumcised 10days back then after that bit of swelling on that area so is salt water really helping or not ?

what is the meaning of salt water?

I mean is salt directly mixing with water or else ? and how to use it?

plz reply me...

Hidden in reply to Prani

I'm not sure if you ever got clarification on this... You can soak in a epsom salt bath. Draw a bath with warm to hot water and add a cup of epsom salt. I wouldn't recommend a bath with table salt.

Hi Sojoguy, may I know what u meant by "Excessive skin under my penis" cuz I think I'm having the same problem too. My penis is also swelling after circumcision. And how did you "correct it after 8 months" ?


My doctor told me after my 6 week check that it will be swollen for upto 3 months

Kevin27 in reply to Nathankean

that's not true . hehehe

JayB13 in reply to Kevin27

mine said it will be swollen for 1 month after 3 weeks post operation.

after month 3, I had enough and emailed him asking about it and he said "it will go down eventually"... Its month 6 for me and its still swollen but it seems a little less swollen but kinda ugly still...

Hello friend..

I circumcised day before yesterday...

But my swelling is too much...

What i do i dont know....

Please suggest....

Hello friend,I got circumcised yesterday.It seems to have swelling and lot of sensitivity.Also I am getting a feeling that my doctor has cut the foreskin too much and a very big area in the front is exposed to the outside world

Please suggest what needs to be done

Ciccipicci in reply to prnitt

Hey! Honestly mate, see your GP. They can help you. When I had mine done 2 years ago, I was very paranoid about the healing and if it was cut right. But when I saw my doctor, he said it was fine and healing well. And now everything is fine. So if you feel you need to see one, do it. It's better to be safe then sorry 😄.

prnitt in reply to Ciccipicci

Thank you ciccipici.I am on my day 3 of circumcision and swelling has come down and sensitivity is also decreasing.However I am seeing a yellow color Liquid coming out which used to be red dot till morning.Is this the sign of infection ?

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