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20 yr old anal bleeding!

Hi, I'm a 20 year old male, over the past 3/4 months I have been experiencing black sticky feaces, and in the last month I have developed a very hard end every time I go and find it very hard to come out, sometimes there is bright red blood on the toilet paper too. I have a good diet and drink plenty of water and exercise almost every day. I am 9 and a half stone but my stomach looks like I'm 9 months pregnant, also there is a very consistant pain in my lower abdomen and heart burn every day, I'm very worried on what this might be, any answers would be very much appreciated!

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Don't want to panic you but you should seek medical attention straight away. Anything like that needs to be investigated asap. Let us know how you get on.

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My girlfriend currently has the same problem, over the last 2 months she has been having anal bleeding twice to three times a week, at random times not just when she passes stools. We have been waiting for an appointment for a while now, we are seeing a colorectal surgeon early next week. She also has become bloated in the stomach and has very bad abdominal pain.

We aren’t sure what the problem is and we are both really worried.

Any advice would be much appreciated whilst we await the appointment with the specialist.


Man, get to the doctor and don’t wait.


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