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Issues with my foreskin make sex embarrassing


Hi all, I'm 19 and I've been to the doctors a few times about this but was just wondering if my foreskin is normal/if anything can be done.

It used to be tight to pull back when erect (6 months or so ago) but now when I'm erect I can easily pull back the foreskin behind the glans. However, I thought this retraction was supposed to happen automatically- rather than me manually having to fiddle before I can put a condom on (which is embarrassing) Also when the foreskin is behind the glans it makes putting a condom on quite hard as there is all that skin to manoeuvre the condom over. During sex my foreskin will come back over the glans which makes sex painful. I mentioned this to the doctor and he said if stretching doesn't help then circumcision is an option.

So I was wondering a few things:

1) Is this normal that I have to manually retract my foreskin- is this lifelong?

2) Are there other options than circumcision anyone knows about?

3) What exactly are the stretching exercises I'm supposed to be doing?

4) Are condoms supposed to be this hard to put on?

Thanks for any help or guidance!! :D

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Sounds all pretty normal to me. I doubt you would get an NHS op with this story, but more and more are wanting plastic surgery to genitalia.

Use plenty of lubrication, stick with it and I expect it will all settle down.

The usual stretching exercises referred to are just retracting the foreskin with soap in the bath, but I suspect his/ her concentration was wondering off the topic at this time.

CurlyCal in reply to Goldfish_

Thanks Goldfish!


Hi mate . I hate to tell you but what you are experiencing is pretty much normal. I can empathise with you. I have put up a similar post myself. I dare say you probably have a long foreskin . The reason why my foreskin rolled back behind my glans during an erection was my skin was short and didn't fully cover my knob even when flaccid . A nice sensation .

In answer to your questions . In your case yes it's gonna be the norm for life. To prevent your 4skin moving forward during sex you could try keeping it back permanently . After time and from person observation and what cut guys have told me the corona (rim of the glans ) flares out holding the skin back. But do you want the Roundhead look. The problem with the excess skin and condom remains. The stretching exercises are just pulling back. I hate condoms for the reasons you do even forgetting the fact wearing one is like fucking with wellies on. Cut guys don't have the issues you have. So pop round and see me I have a sharp chopper. LOL . Cheers!

CurlyCal in reply to Hidden

Ahah might not pop around for the sharp chopper! Thanks for the advice! :D


Normally you should be able to pull back after erection and then put condom . Condom has lubricants , so there should not be any problem during intercourse. If it's painful means the retraction is not fully ok and hence you may need circumcision. Before taking decision for surgery you can use steroid cream (Betnovate C or so ) and try to handle , to see if the retraction improves without any pain . Or else go for circumcision. Not a big deal

CurlyCal in reply to Hidden

Thanks for the reply! :)

Hi CurlyCar

I think it is all all right with you. But of course a specialist consultant could give you more answers. Only one thing. You need not be embarassed when you are putting on a condom, even if you have to make a little mavoeuvre on your foreskin. Your partner just have to be sympathetic with you. If she (or he, I do not know) does not accept your anatomy, it is her (his) problem! Every penis is different as every nose is different. You need not be ashamed of your penis, never. If you go to a gym or a swimming pool, take a look of the penises of your mates, and you will be convinced that everyone has his anatomy!

Bye. Nick

CurlyCal in reply to nickItaly

Thanks for taking the time and replying Nick! I'm not as worried now thanks :D

nickItaly in reply to CurlyCal

That's OK! Nick

Just have to ask why you need to pull back before putting condom on ?

I would just put condom over erect penis, skin and all. For me this avoided the skin pulling back during sex, which would sometimes hurt. I did not notice any difference in feeling.

Hidden in reply to jaglad

Hi jaglad . I find having to have sex with a condom on as pleasurable being vacuum packed . Lucky you if you had no loss of feeling but I dare say most guys would miss the stimulation to their glans. A whole new topic I think.

Hi Snip

Sorry did not make myself clear there. What I meant was pulling the skin back before putting on condom did not make any difference to feeling. Though to be honest, I felt better with 'skin on'. But, yes condom off is better than on. Though not a game changer.

But in the early days when my skin would pull back and become tight under the head, then yes, condom was better.

And without realising it we have started that new topic ...

calvinraaj in reply to jaglad

Hello, I consulted a doctor regarding my foreskin and he advised me to not circumcision my penis. He told me to perform stretching exercises alone. I'm able to pull my foreskin down to about 80% when its flaccid.

Once i pull back when its flaccid and get erect, the penis head is visible but there is a ring below the head but its not painful or sensitive when i touch it.

Me and my girlfriend have decided to have sex soon and i dont want to be embarrassed.

Can i have sex now? i dont mind using a condom. please help.

There are several videos on YouTube showing intact men putting on condoms. You might try condoms with large headroom.

I wouldnt mess around. I was your age, put off the circumcision and had issues for years. Eventually, circumcision is necessary but you could avoid all those years of issues with condoms etc by having it done now. You will be out of action for 2 months but its small price to pay for all the years to come when intercourse coukd be so much more comfortable and pleasurable.

Yoiur comment is irresponsible.,Stretching will easily solve his problem.

You are really stupid tbh, circumcision is not necessary, if it was why is 80% of the worlds men not circumcised? People like you are so annoying tbh

Not all of the 80% have a problem with the tightness of the skin dah

It’s a very small fraction of them men will suffer from tight foreskin, and just about no case of phimosis would require a circumcision.

If the issue is hygiene you just need to use an antibacterial penis health creme like Man1 Man Oil... you just rub it into the penis skin and it eliminates bacteria on contact.. hits the hard to reach spots easily. I use it daily... real good stuff.

jimfromcalif in reply to MikeHH

Cleaning with any antibacterial substance creates a perfect environment for a yeast infection. Only plain water should be used on internal surfaces.

Your best source for answers is at

Youtube has videos showing how to put condoms over foreskins.

You should thank your parents for protecting your physical integrity. Because of your physical integrity you will be able to have sex the way nature intended it.


There is a lot of wrong information being published about foreskins. Most source say the foreskin automatically retracts during erection. That is only the case with short foreskins.

The automatic retraction of the foreskin on erection depends on the length of the foreskin in comparison to the length of the penis. Foreskins only retract on erection if

1. the foreskin is shorter than the erect penis and

2. the foreskin is wide enough retract over the glans penis.

A full-length foreskin does not spontaneously retract on erection but may be retracted with one’s hand provided that the skin is loose enough to pass back over the head.

The part of a full-length foreskin that extends beyond the head is called the “overhang” or the acroposthion. The tip of the foreskin or acroposthion is highly innervated and has the most sensation. A long tapering acroposthion was regarded by the ancient Greeks as the epitome of male beauty.

When a full-length foreskin is retracted, folds of skin form around the base of the penis. When the foreskin is released the folds may unfold and push the foreskin forward into its normal position to recover the head. Some guys with long foreskins cannot keep them retracted except by holding it back. This is not usually considered to be a problem.

The full-length foreskin provides superior protection to the head of the penis. Its extra-long length helps to keep the head moist, soft, and sensitive. The full-length foreskin probably has more pleasure nerves and sensation. A longer foreskin has superior gliding action that helps in masturbation and intercourse. A longer foreskin probably has more pleasure nerves than a shorter foreskin.

All in all, a full-length foreskin is an extra blessing.

You may flush out your long foreskin with a rubber-bulb type ear syringe if it does not retract.

You should stretch your foreskin to make it wider until it will glide smoothly back and forth without pain.

Max99 in reply to Bucky85


I think I have a long foreskin like mentioned by you, I have to pull it back every time I'm erect. But the problem is, when I pull it back the foreskin gets stuck under the head of the penis and I have to wait till my penis is flaccid to get it it normal?. It takes me like 5 mins in the whole process( waiting for the penis to get flaccid and then pulling out the foreskin from under the head) there any other way?

I'll be really grateful if you help me!!

Bucky85 in reply to Max99

I am not sure why you have to pull your foreskin back simply because you have an erection.

Your foreskin gets stuck because part of it is narrow. You need to stretch the tight part to make it wider. Then it won't get stuck. Here is some information:

Not sure what the issue may be with putting a condom on. My foreskin would not pull back until into my Twenties, I had no problem whatsoever in putting a condom on. In fact I found it easier then than I do now I am circumcised. Keep up with the stretching if you think you need it. Routine washing should be all you need, plenty of water. Do your stretching in the bath or shower and you have done two 'jobs' in one ! The ring you describe sounds normal. Do not worry, you will have no problem. But do use a condom, it is much safer.

Condoms will be easier to put on with practice, you are completely normal.

You may put on a condom without retracting your foreskin.

A good violent wank helps stretching your 4skin.

Just make sure you use lots of lube and go ham on the dick for an hour or 2

UncutBoy in reply to Hunglow


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