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Anal warts HPV gay male

Hi All,

I'm a 27 yo gay guy with external/internal anal warts. I've been dealing with them for about 9 months now-- things are improving, but it's slow going... Aladara did wonders for my external ones, but the internal ones are being difficult. I've had surgery 4 times to remove them (electrocautery) but they keep returning, although less each time. This next time, my doctor prescribed me a treatment also used by women in HPV named CERVUGID Ovules (vaginal and anal suppositories) and some kind of immune system booster called ISOPRINOSINE Tablets.

I took about 3 boxes of Cervugid…each night one ovule inserted direct in anus and Isoprinosine about 4 months.

After I finished the treatment I came back to be retested by the doctor. he took some samples and after 2 weeks I received a call telling me that all my tests came back negative for anal warts and free of HPV.

Since then the anal warts never returned.

Now im can regain my normal life and I hope never to go through that awkward situations.

I will start to use again condom even if I do not like it.

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What a success story


Hi Laur 27

good to hear from you that you have sorted out your wart problem. I would like to ask you if you were tested INITIALLY for HPV or only at the end of the treatment.

You are very sensible to re-start to use condoms. I agree with you, I do not like them either in my heterosexual intercourses, but it is good for you and also for your partners. You could for example use coloured or flavoured condoms just to reduce the discomfort and add some "amusement".

Bye. Nick


Thanks for sharing your success.


Use a condom and stay safe. I know they are not the best. My Dad used to say that wearing condoms was like taking a bath with your socks on. It just doesn't feel the same.


Did you just go to your PCP for treatment? I too have warts however I've only had them for about 6 months now. I went to the free clinic at the health department and the doctor there was surprisingly dismissive I thought. Told me she didn't think cryotherapy would do any good, and she said the other treatments just don't work. Which I've heard otherwise several times in my research. I was told by her it is what it is, no big deal, just have the other person wear a condom. Any advice?


Hi, I have been suffering from the same mostly external and dried anal skin and every time I went to the bathroom I’d bleed. But I started using rejuveniqe oil for it. It cleared off my anal warts and my skin. I can send you picture if you would like. I’m ashamed to do on here. You can’t get them in store. Simply go to evanschmitt.mymonat.com and you also have a 30day money back. Monat products are all natural products.


You can contact me at eschmitt@burmanu.ca


You need to find another doctor. I was told the same thing 30 years ago and as the HPV and warts were untreated, the infection increased internally and externally. It even spread to my scrotum. I had internal and external surgery and then follow-up treatments- creams, freezing, burning, cauterizings, and annual exams. The infection caused dysplasia which occurred 26 years later. My doctors keep an eye on my precancerous condition - as a result of the HPV infection 30 years ago. Also, wearing a condom will not necessarily prevent your partner from HPV infection if you are infectious. Don’t give up - take care of yourself!!


New here. Terrible anal warts. Doctor froze 6 months no good. Waiting for bum MRI and Colonoscopy. Never had before.Too much deficating then too many baths. Sick of pain and itching and never ending waiting for some kind of resolution(surgery to remove)...waiting...waiting...Also have Anal Fistilla that comes and goes. Beat it once...now back again.Take Nefidipine and hoy baths and Metamucil daily. Frustrating...hard to sit and warts itch. One size of a Tangerine external. Tried Cortisone cream burned my ass cheeks bad. No more of that nonsense. Gay Male 56.


Just found out from Shoppers Drug Mart Aldara 'not covered by health plan and very very very Lottery Expensive!! Forget it!! $435.00 for 16 packets. Cant do that. Ahhhhhhhh....


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