Sperm not released during intercourse

Hey guys,

My name is Aumi, and i'm new here. I'm 25 years old.

I had sex with my girlfriend last week and she enjoyed sex with me. Also i have done plenty of intercourse before that and every time when i do intercourse continuously for around 2-3 hours, inserting my penis into her genital - we both are able to enjoy a lot but sperm not release even once during the sex. My penis was strong and hard from starting to end of sex. and yes, i do use protection every time.

However, when i do masturbation i am able to release sperm in just five minutes but why it is not happening during the intercourse session? could you please advice me on that.

Its making me get scared that I may not be able to have children and it could be so embarrassing these days.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks very much



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15 Replies

  • My guess would be if you can ejaculate with masturbation then you have no medical problem here.

    It is possible and I have experienced this myself, that you reach the point of climax and hold back to continue with intercourse. I cannot say for sure but think that this may release the sperm more slowly, ie, it leaks out so no 'spurt'.

    Maybe try a 'quickie' with your willing girlfriend.

    If you still have problems see a Doc'. In rare cases semen can go back.

  • that could be the issue, it happens every time during the intercourse but while doing the masturbation sperm release quick.

  • I agree with you jaglab and you should try a quick sex with your gf and if problem persists you should consult your doctor.

  • sorry to ask you mate, but what do you mean by "quick sex"?

  • Psychological factors and reduced sensation with using sheath are likely factors. Certainly this has nothing to do with future fertility. Worry/ anxiety will make it worse

  • Yes, that Psychological factor could be the prime reason for this problem.

  • Aumi, have a read of the section on delayed ejaculation on this NHS website and see if you think that it may be useful for you:


    Good luck

  • Hi jimpollard,

    I've already been through this article before, i found that useful. but that is not in my case i guess..!

    thanks for sharing it :)

  • aumi don't worry just consult a good doctor for this problem

  • Hi,

    I'll definitely make a visit a doctor, if that happens again and again.

    thanks for the heads up..

  • hey man, i understand ye worry cos its not just bout kids, its about ye manhood. would i be right in thinking that u dont actually climax wen u have intercourse or, do u climax but release no sperm?

  • Hey,

    I don't actually climax wen i intercourse..!

    i'm considering to give up on masturbation for a while and give it a try (intercourse) once again after a month or later. hope that would sort out the problem..

  • That should help. Good luck.

  • Hey here is an update.. !

    I figured it out and it worked for me.!

    I tried several positions but didn't ejacualte.

    One fine day, it was by chance i tried "women on top - The 'cowgirl' position" and it worked. and yes, I did sex without using any protection "condom" and release the sperm inside her vagina.

    I noticed that this is the best position for me to get satisfied. Now i'm gonna use that position every time in the end of the sexual session. so that i and my partner both enjoy the intimacy.

    Pro: Chances of ejaculation are pretty high in the early morning, when you wake up.!

    Thanks guys for your response..!

  • remove your protection and will b able to ejaculate and find sperm.

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