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Hi all,

I am extremely concerned right now about my tiny penis. I'm 19 years old rn and my penis literally has not change since I was around 13. When soft, it is miniature at probably just an inch, looks like something a toddler would have. When it is erect, it spans out to just 3 inches which I know is well below the average. Is there anything I can do about this or am I just screwed? I have heard of people online talking about the potential of it still growing later into my teens but nothing has changed for the past 6 years so I doubt anything will in the future.

Another thing to note is that my foreskin is pretty tight and it can be hard to pull it back when erect.

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Are you erect in the photo? To be honest if it hadn’t grown by now I think it’s unlikely that there will be much growth in the future. And in answer to your question if there is anything you can do to make it bigger, I’m afraid there isn’t. Don’t be tempted by all the bogus claims. If you can ejacaculate you can have a sex life and become a father in due course. Try not to worry and accept what you’ve got.

have you seen a doctor about this mate? If you cannot pull your foreskin back then circumsion is definitely the best option I had it done and it’s worth it. Other than that maybe the size is just what you have got to deal with

Circumcision is totally unrelated to the length of his penis.

CAnnot pull his foreskin back is relative tho isn’t it?

They are unrelated issues.

😂😂😂 u are crazy

no, just informed.

I've just been circumcised due to not being able to retract my foreskin, so having to a tight foreskin may link to there not being any significant growth. However, even if these two issues aren't in fact linked, the person should see a doctor about circumcision regardless, or at least stretching excercises to help loosen the foreskin

pubic hair shave it off will make it look bigger

You’re right. Shaving will make it look at least an inch bigger

What you have now is likely to be the most you’ll have. For the tightness, apply tension to the opening by inserting your index fingers and gently pulling it open. Do it 5 min, 4 times a day. You’re looking at about two months with no pain, preserving all of your sensitivity. Don’t allow anyone talk you into circumcision.

Go to a doctor mate they suggest a circumcision or a procedure similar do it they know what there onabout there the professionals.

Most physicians are clueless about the intact penis.

there is a tendon which can be cut which will give you about an inch more in length. Also if you loose 10 pounfs you will gain some lenght as the pubic fat pad is less. Those are about the only options. There are some stretching gadgets but their efficasy is unclear. I would also shabe the pubic hair shorter. You should deal with the tight for skin. You can manually stretch it. Lubricate your finger and the penis head and begin to try to insert your finger under the skin in between the skin and the head. eventually you will be able to progress to getting your thumb in there. This is like any other skin and will stretch over a long period of time. Br gentle but be diligrnt and keep at it. Similar premise to stretching ear lobes. 2nd choice is a circumcision. if you cant retract it. you dont get that wonderful sensation the other person talks about. So first give yourself a year to try to stretch it.

I can't comment about the foreskin, I'm circumcised.

I very much appreciate your size dilemma though. I'm not quite 4" erect.

Like you, I swear I haven't changed since 13 too.

I'm 49 married with a 9 year old son.

I've never been made fun of, and it seems like most people don't care.

Best of luck to you. Feel free to pm me if you want to discuss further.

I have heard of testosterone replacement therapy working for children to grow their penis. However, since I'm 19 and way past puberty, is there any chance that could work or not?


Jack try not to stress about the size of your dick, dicks come in all shapes and sizes, as someone suggested trim n tidy or shave your pubic hair, go see your doc about your tight foreskin n ask the question about your size at same time, as I say try not to over think it 👍🏽

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I get that, but this is a micro penis.. I've had this same size since I was 12years old

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Jackk mate 3inches erect is not classed as a micro penis, I understand you’ve had same size since you were 12 years old, if you are genuinely concerned & stressed about it see a doctor who will guide you n help you with your concerns, again a good tidy up of pubic hair will help and remember to look at it from front with mirror it’ll always look smaller looking down on it, as long as it doesn’t stop you enjoying masturbation & sex the size shouldn’t worry you bud

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can't masturbathe or have sex either because the foreskin doesn't roll down smoothly. When I do get it past the head when erect it is always stuck there and never goes back. I know this is paraphimoisis but I've heard there is no real cure?

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Jackk as said before go to see your doctor, appreciate you may be embarrassed but doctor will have all the answers you need

Is you see a doctor, they typically suggest stretching excercises to do which may solve the problem, or they will offer the circumcision procedure

You are lucky to be not circumcised. Try stretching and masturbation.

The foreskin could be stretched painlessly and free using methods that plainly use your fingers or homemade devices. The skin does stretch over time- you just have to keep at it on a daily regiment and be sure not to damage yourself or cause any pain. Like other members have said you need to do it frequently and every day- every bathroom break and when you get home just insert your fingers and pull apart, enough to feel some pressure but no pain(do this for several minutes at a time) or make/buy something simular to novoglans( can be found on amazon).

Methods such as novoglans seem to work better as you can use it all day.

Others recommended circumcision as a second option but as a urologist I can tell you amputation should always be a last resort.

There is a minor surgery you can have done that should help with the tightness of your foreskin- I've done a couple of them with great results. Here is a link


As for your size I would definitely recommend seeing your doctor about it if it worries you so much. Klinefelters is a genetic disorder that causes a smaller than normal penis, reduced testosterone and sexual dysfunction; seeing your doctor couldn't hurt and may in fact help. Surgery on the penis should always try and be avoided but if it really hurts you to be that size they can cut the penile ligament and essentially attach a weight to your penis while the ligament slowly grows back in a different place resulting in a seemingly larger flaccid penis and the possibility of increased erect size although its possibly you see no growth. Weight loss, trimming your pubic hair could help as well- I've even heard that losing 10lbs can result in the penis becoming unburied by the tissue at the interval at .5 inches, although every body is different but I have no doubt that losing weight will not only help with size but also increase your testosterone levels as well and with that comes sexual appetite, stronger erections etc.

Best of luck to you!

Hello Jack, I think that your foreskin looks okay. I thought that it was mine that I was looking at.

Long and thin never in, short and thick does the trick #whocaresaboutthesizebro

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