Internal anal warts

Hello, I’m a 27 year old gay male. A few months ago i noticed a bump inside my rectum and didn’t think anything of it. Last week, it seemed to have worsened so I made a trip to a recital surgeon and i wasn’t diagnosed with anal warts. None on the outside, they’re inside and to be honest, I feel like I’m spiraling into depression. I have a few friends who have been very supportive, but i feel completely alone on this.

I’m having surgery next Wednesday to have them removed. The surgery isn’t what scares me, it’s the fact that these can continue to come back and i feel like i have no where to turn.

I’ve done some reading on forums and it seems most people dealing with HPV or anal warts tend to drop off the radar. Is there anyone else going through this horrible situation willing to share your experience with this?

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Hi, I don’t really no what your going through buddy but keep positive, get them removed and just keep looking at the future!

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Thank you so much. I’m trying


Cryogenic surgery or bloodless surgery is the best.

20 yrs back similar problem was faced by me and got cured by above method.


Did you have them inside your colorectal area?


Surgery is the best treatment for wart removal. If your warts are visible, surgical excision is recommended. If they are large or they appear inside, laser surgery is the best. Before surgery, you will receive medicine that numbs the area around the warts. After surgery, you will be able to return to normal activities within 1 to 3 days. Normally, healing takes 2-4 weeks, but scarring may occur. Surgery may cause more pain than other treatments but don't worry, it's an effective treatment and many people successfully get rid of warts after surgery. Believe in your doctor. Best wishes for you!


Thank you. This entire situation has been very painful. Last Wednesday i went through surgical excision. The pain when going to the bathroom has been excruciating. I called my doctor today and asked him to write another ex of pain meds which they did.

I feel like this whole situation has consumed me entirely. I’ve been severely depressed to the point that whenever someone asks if I’m ok, or asks how I’m doing... i completely lose it. This has been very taxing but I’m trying to stay strong.

I’ve done quite a bit of research and some people seemed to have had luck with an OTC supplement called AHCC which has been known to significantly improve immune response. Dr Judith Smith did a trial with great success.

This is the only thing that’s given me hope.


I know this supplement but never give it a try. 2 years ago, my friend had an external genital wart and he got it surgically removed. The surgery made him painful and depressed but the wart was completely gone. He used AHCC in a month and the affected area healed very quickly. As you said, this supplement did improve immune response. But unfortunately, the wart returned after 5 months and had the same size as the previous wart, making him more depressed and disappointed. He asked many other doctors and even patients who were in the same situation for help. They suggested lots of remedies like apple cider vinegar, garlic, honey, baking soda, papaya skin, vidarox, etc. He tried everything and the wart amazingly disappeared. Now it's been almost a year and he saw no wart return.

Wishing you lots of luck!


Unfortunately they’re inside me. So i don’t even know what to do other than the AHCC :( to be safe I dab and wipe using toilet paper with Apple cider vinegar in hopes that it doesn’t further spread outside.

This is the worst. Can you tell me the dosage, frequency, and how long your friend was taking the AHCC?


This is why it’s so important to wrap it with sexual partners especially if your gay with hiv and other risks around. I’m sure you won’t make the same mistake twice hope everything works out ok for you 👍


I’m sorry but, i don’t recall ever implying that this is a result of me sleeping around with multiple partners. Thanks anyway trough


Well you don’t just get anal warts for nothing someone’s given them you from having them on his dick. I never said you were sleeping around did I 😂


He took 2 pills daily, 3 times a day. He saw little results but this supplement gave him nausea, headaches and swollen joints. He stopped using it after a month. My friend didn't have any other medical condition. He thought that the supplement might cause side effects. So, if you consider using it, consult your doctor first.


Hey! Got locked out of my previous account for some reason. But just wanted to share some good news! Something I thought my partner and I wouldn't come across and wanted to share information to anyone out there who is looking like I had been for hours on end.

My partner had been diagnosed with internal anal warts recently and we tried everything we could, but like you mentioned it is hard when they are internal. So let me give you a timeline so you can know what to expect, I will be as open and honest as possible:

July 2017 he had rectal bleeding so had a colonoscopy and they didn't find anything, but said they saw some hemorrhoids (which now I am assuming were actually warts). I discovered some warts around his anus when about to have sex in October 2017. Got diagnosed the same week at which time the ones we could see were rather small. Got checked the week after and they said he had several internally. Trust me when I say I know the feeling you are going through, we were both pretty depressed for a good while, but then we just tried resuming normal life the best way possible as I tried and looked up every remedy I could.

I was very cautious about any remedy unfortunately and he didn't want to do surgery so we opted to wait it out. We started boosting our bodies with vitamins and supplements including multivitamins and garlic: here is the one we used from whole foods

and finally I too read about AHCC. It was expensive but I thought it would be worth it. So i bought a months worth on Amazon and after a month didn't notice much and things actually seemed to look worse by this time with the warts seeming to be growing. We decided to continue the supplements given the minimum time frame the study suggested was 3 months. In this time, we also opted to get the HPV vaccine as recommended by the doctor even though they said it probably wouldn't do much. We initially hesitated, but finally decided to give it a shot (literally). He stopped most of the multivitamins except the AHCC and got his second booster shot in the HPV vaccine series.

Honestly I have been hesitant to check to see how things have been going down there until recently he said he felt a difference and wanted me to check even though I felt kind of hesitant because I didn't want to see it getting any worse. This was literally last week. To my surprise, nearly all of the warts that were once present were GONE! There were only two visible that I could see remaining (which were the bigger ones intially) but they two had shrunk in size and I noticed there were red what looked like bright veins going through them and I though this must be his body attacking the virus (this is done through the blood usually). I will keep updated but I am sure those will be gone soon given they have already drastically shrunk in size. We haven't had the opportunity to check the internal ones, but I'm sure if the ones closer to the outside are disappearing then so must the more internal ones.

I can't necessarily speak to which part of our routine helped but it wouldn't hurt to try all of the above. I would start with taking the AHCC - the dose recommended by the study was 3 g in the morning on an empty stomach (no food 1 hour before or after taking them) for at least 3 months and up to 6 months. We bought the capsules on Amazon - here are the ones I got:

Notice the dose would be 4 capsules a day so this bottle only last 15 days so it can get costly.. like $120/month since they're on sale right now.

And also get the HPV vaccine! Find a good doctor, hopefully you're in the bay area and they have good LGBTQ doctors that can help you.. if you are in the area, check out Oakland Kaiser or some of the clinics in SF. If you're not in the area, insist on getting the vaccine even if your doctor says it will do nothing. This is my theory, and I am by no means a doctor but do have some background in the sciences. I read how the AHCC is supposed to inhibits a certain type of antibody (to be general) in your body from being synthesized and in turn this causes an upregulation of the type of antibody that would attack the HPV virus. This will take time. The HPV vaccine introduces dead HPV virus into your blood so your body can make antibodies against it (this is an advantage because normally the virus evades your immune system so your body won't build any antibodies for it). Since there are now antibodies, your body will have an easier time finding the virus and being able to attack it.

This is just my theory based on what my partner and I have done and have seen results. I wish I had found something like what I just posted to give me hope. Do keep in mind though, not all HPV viruses are covered by the vaccine so its not a guarantee, but be hopeful that about 90% (according to Google) of HPV warts are from two subtypes which are covered by the vaccine. Also keep in mind if you may have a co-infection with one of the cancer causing types to be aware of any changes down there even after the warts go away. Not likely but good to be safe and aware of your body. I hope this reaches as many people as possible. Please share.


Hello, I'm only 23 years old and yesterday my doctor told me I have internal genital warts as well ans as I observed there are a lot. I'm so lonely right now. Hope you can give me some of your experiences.


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