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12 days post circumcision

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Well it's now 12 days since the op.

Not really any pain now but the stitches are doing my head in. I have a little inner foreskin left which rolls over the ridge of my penis head. The stitches make it feel prickly and sore with being just under the roll of skin.

Touch Wood no signs of infection and looks to be healing well compared to the bruised stump I posted in my original post after the op.

Stitches are showing no signs of budging yet. Anyone know from experience when they'll start to go?

Does it look ok?

Just looking forward to using it again now when it's fully healed. Could be a bit nervous first time!

Drop me a message if you want to share your experience. I find it helps to hear and see how others are going on with the same issue.

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If I was you I would give that a quick soak in the bath as you have discharge on your glans.

Also the legs on your stitches are extremely long no wonder they are causing you some discomfort you could always cut them down a little with some nail clippers/scissors.

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Daz81 in reply to Ryanr

It's clean mate. The white you can see is the thread of the stitches showing from under what bit of inner skin is left.

How's yours now?

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Ryanr in reply to Daz81

Oh I see but yeah other than that yours looks like it’s healing well.

I’m just over 8 weeks now I’m fully healed I’m just waiting on the scaring to settle down which takes a year apparently.

But fully working and no issues so a good result 👍

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Daz81 in reply to Ryanr

That's good then. Enjoy!

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Daz81 in reply to Ryanr

They used much thicker dissolvable stitches around the frenulum.

Yeah I am 👍 I wouldn’t know on that I woke up and my frenulum and foreskin had gone 😂

Hi i reached a month and my stitches still didnt dissolve my body was getting irritated by them so i removed them with some small scissors and the eye brow plucker things lol wasnt very painful just a little pinch on one or two of them id say just remove them it will make you feel so much better

Hi Daz, I’m 10 days post op and looks good and like it’s healing well. My only concern is I have a strong fusty smell aroma to my penis now. The doc said there would be a smell due to the healing process etc did yours have this also

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Daz81 in reply to MightyMee

I know what you mean. Smells like old blood. My pee smelt strange too for a week or so. Unless it's showing any other signs of infection I wouldn't worry. Especially if the doc has said it's OK. Hope all goes well for you mate.

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goodguyirl in reply to Daz81

I'm on day 9 and it seems to be healing well. The stitches are starting to annoy me and when the skin rolls forward it really irritates the head. No pain or discomfort now but there seems to be a fold of skin below the head that looks like it has gaps in it. The stitches are kind of keeping the fold in place. I'll have to see what happens when the stitches are gone.

I'm 3 weeks tomorrow and I was back with the surgeon yesterday for a check up and he was very happy with the way it was healing. I was concerned because the left side was still split open looking. I was afraid that I did damage when I "worked" on it last week. I didn't rell him that of course! He said it was fine and will heal flat. I was worried that I might need more stitches. Today it looks so much better. It looks great now and is much more even looking and more healed than yesterday before the check up. I should have done it years ago... He said not to use any healing creams on it and to just let the water run on it so I put the shower head on it and let it run for about 5 mins while massaging the side that wasn't healing. The surgeon was pressing on the unhealed side with a good bit of pressure that was a bit painful but he said that it was the remaining bits of stitches that hadn't dissolved yet. Whatever he did really worked wonders. I'm still soaking it in salt water too. I've been using a light bit of gauze and a light bandage going to work but I think I'll be able to go without anything today.

It took 9 months to not feel any discomfort. The head was a long time sensitive. My cut was still red especially underneath for six months. But I’m 72 years old.

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