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masturbation 8 days post circumcision


i think my stitches started to dissolve , i feel good and i want to do it. should i?should i do it in a special way?what are the risks?tell me at what day post op you fapped

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Don't. Every doctor recommends waiting 4 weeks minimum. You can do it.


If you feel you can do it for your pleasure, take care that your stitches are no hurt .

I literally did it 10 minutes ago and I'm on day 10. I've read lots of people on the forums saying wait so and so day but to be honest if you feel good go slow and just use the shaft as my head is still too sensitive and enjoy. As far as my experience went my god it was amazing the most intense orgasm I've had.

I've still got some stitches in but I went lubed up and slow.

Mpampasas in reply to chezbez91

i did not enjoy it i held it from really down and wtf

Definitely not... Still the upper portion of the skin will not be healed. It will start bleeding and will take more time for healing again. Kindly do wait for 7 weeks.....

Mpampasas in reply to Sampujar

7 weeks? damn

Sampujar in reply to Mpampasas

Strictly.....7 weeks....

It's in the healing period. Leave it alone.

I would say definitely not yet. But when you do remember now it will be more of a stroke than a pull !

i was carefully making it work lower on the shaft from day 10. maybe if you're a bit bigger it may be easier

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