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4 days post circumcision

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Had op on Thursday. Just wanted to get some advice from others who have had it done. I'm keeping it as clean as possible which can be difficult when you are significantly overweight as penis is buried when flaccid.

Has anyone else had the following issues following the op:

When walking about the head rubs and causes small amounts of clear sticky fluid to be released which I'm assuming is precum.

Continuously cleaning to take this away.

Will this go away as sensitivity decreases?

Also feel the need to pee when clothing etc rubs on the tip.

I've attached a photo which was difficult for me as I have always struggled with my weight and am extremely self conscious.

Just after some advice and chat with others who have experienced this.

I suffer with a bit of anxiety and tend to worry excessively.

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I haven’t seen anything quite like that but that’s bruising more than anything I would say it’s fine just keep an eye out for infection and be patient, patience is the key with circumcisions as I and many others in your position have found.

That does look like a bruise, try a cold compress couple of times a day. To reduce the rubbing I wore tight underpants, that kept everything still. Do not overclean, short salt water bath or just a quick rinse. Use only mild soap or plain water. It does get better and if we where all perfect this site would not exist.

Good luck and welcome

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Daz81 in reply to jaglad

Thanks. I just get really worried. Guess I just needed some reassurance that despite it being small, the circ experience I'm getting is normal.

Continue antibiotic . Keep the wounds open. Do not wear clothes . Remain nude .Close door .By fresh air it will heal quicker.

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Daz81 in reply to

I'm not on antibiotics.

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Fiufwb in reply to Daz81

Try using Bacitracin you can get it at your local drugstore/pharmacy. It was given to me by my doctor.

My surgeon recommended to me to have 2 baths a day to help, which I did and it did help.

Had mine done on 22nd Dec, just starting to feel ok now.

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Daz81 in reply to ticmike

I have been having a good shower every night before bed and cleaning with warm salt water twice during the day. It's been a bit sore at times but I've not taken any painkillers since Saturday (2 days after op). I'm just scared of infection with having quiet a buried penis much of the time.

I hadn't been able to retract my foreskin for years so having the head exposed is new to me. I have noticed that my pee hole seems to have closed up slightly where it's in contact with boxers. Hoping this is a common thing and will rectify itself over time.

I'm grateful of any advice or support.

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ticmike in reply to Daz81

Yes I was the same, had the issue for a long time and was worried about having it done, as I know someone who did years ago and he got it infected and was in a lot of pain and had to go back in hospital, but mine seems to have gone fine.

Had 3 weeks off work just resting it really not getting it catching on stuff and my stitches came out after around 3 weeks (so last few days really).

Yeah my only issue has been peeing, the hole seems smaller and it feels like my pee doesnt want to come out, it doesnt flow well like it did before and is a bit stingy when im peeing, once I think im finished I squeeze the tube and loads more comes out as if it was stuck and then a few mins later a few drips come out down my bloody leg, which isnt great!!

Im hoping it improves over time and I read on here that drinking lots of water helps this to.

If you want anymore info just give me a shout.

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Daz81 in reply to ticmike

Thanks. Much appreciated. Just been docs as was feeling like crap today. Headache, light headed and just generally off it. He tested urine and checked wound. No sign of infection. He said it could just be a virus, which always seems to be the diagnosis these days!

Stitches feel really tight when sitting and walking. This is made worse by having a smaller todger which is quiet buried when flacid.

Nice chatting to you.

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ticmike in reply to Daz81

No worries mate, hope you are feeling better soon, just take it easy and take the pain killers if you need them.

I mainly took Co-Dydramol at night to help me sleep through the night, it always knocks me out that stuff.

My stitches felt tight to but I guess its just down to the case you are not used to having stuff down there, feels very un-natural.

Put a gauze with vaseline on the penis head to keep it protected from rubbing against your pants. Wear tighter underwear to keep the penis from moving around too much and supporting it better. Excessive rubbing against the clothing of a newly exposed penis glans can lead to bruising on the penis head which is quite different from bruising on the rest of the body, its not painful but its annoying as fuck as you have to keep it moist if you don't want it to solidify create a scab and break/bleed.

Infections happen but are rare, keep the wound clean. Some doctor prescribe antibiotics as a preventative just in case but unless you have severe pain in the area, yellow bad smelling puss (not to be confused with a light yellowish liquid that is released during healing which is normal) fever and redness you are fine. Not sure what country you are from but if you have Neosporin available you can get that (ointment with a little antibiotics).

Trouble peeing properly after circumcision is normal. Usually caused by swelling. Make sure to keep your pee hole clean and it should be fine. Once again, prevent excessive rubbing with a gauze with vaseline on it.

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Daz81 in reply to Cipher

Thanks. I'm in the UK.

I can't put a gauze around it as it falls straight off due to the buried penis issue.

It's really interesting hearing others experiences with the proceedure.

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Cipher in reply to Daz81

I don't mean for you to wrap your whole penis in the gauze. You take a square gauze, you spread vaseline in the middle, you put that middle on your head and hold it there. Whilst holding it there, you put on your underwear and that will keep the gauze there. It is not meant to be attached 100%, the vaseline is there to keep the head from sticking to the gauze and sliding if there is slight movement easily in order to not irritate it.

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Daz81 in reply to Cipher

Get you. I'll give it a try. I was trying to letnitb"toughen up" but don't want to risk any damage.

Thanks for the advice.

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Cipher in reply to Daz81

It will go through keratinization but no need of forcing it, especially so soon after the circumcision. As I said, you might cause the head to bruise and that is annoying when it happens.

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Daz81 in reply to Cipher

When did you have your opinion?

How are things looking now?

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Daz81 in reply to Cipher

Op not opinion. Bloody predictive text!

I had mine about 14 months ago now, all seems fine. The head can still be a little sore to the 'unexpected' touch or knock but then again I do not want to lose all sensitivity !

For the first few days I would not wear underwear, just a dressing gown around the house and the tight pants if I had to wear trousers.

I'm almost a month after. It's been quite an uncomfortable ride to say the least. Tight underwear is definitely one of the best pieces of advice you'll get. Makes a huge difference to friction. My penis looked like it had been mangled and I worried quite a bit. It's now healed quite well. Sensitivity is still a huge issue but I'm working on that. It's better than it was so hopefully it'll be better this time next month too. I had lots of discharge around the 7 day period which made my underwear stick to the head, this was horrible. Some days I had to yank them off and it took skin with it. I've also found peeing difficult, as if it's not going to come out which made me jump a little sometimes. That too gets better. I'm peeing normal now and can finally feel it too.

Patience is the key, it does get better.

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Daz81 in reply to paulwheeler15

I feel like I constantly need to pee but I think this is caused by boxers touching my head.

I worry a lot and panic that with my dick being small and buried most of the time that this would affect healing and the end result.

Thanks for your response.

Can u post a current pic of how it looks healed; I just got cut 8 days ago

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Daz81 in reply to Qfellow

Have a look at my recent post other day mate. That was new photo. I'm 6 months post op now.

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Qfellow in reply to Daz81

Okay I'm about to thanks!

How long till you started showering?

48 hours. I had op on a Thursday morning and showered every morning from Saturday. I also had a salt bath every night for first 2 weeks.

Did you ever have any tears or rips in your skin after any erections?

No. Just the odd bleed when stitches pull

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