Life after circumcision

It is now almost four months since my Circumcision but I still find the head can be sore. The slightest touch can sometimes result in pain. It is nothing too severe but can be very uncomfortable. Both the Surgeon and my Dr say the Op was a success and is healing well. The site of the stitches is fine, the soreness is more in the 'head' of my penis.

Anyone with more long term awareness of this procedure have any advice ? I have also read about using various creams that may help reduce pain and stop the head drying out. Eg, Bio oil, Vitamin E, Cocoa Butter or Baby oil. Any Suggestions ?

Sex is possible but not always successful, both due to soreness and not being able to maintain erection.

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  • Is it pain or just sensitivity? If it's not swollen, and your doctor isnt worried about it then it is just sensitivity. This will probably take a few more months for a lot of the nerve endings to be desensitized. A dry head is normal for cut guys, no need to put creams on it.

  • Hi, Yes it is probably more sensitivity rather than pain but it can be darn uncomfortable at times. Little concerned at your explanation as 'desensitized'. Sex can be difficult as it is not looking forward to being even less sensitive to stimulation.

  • Why not view as different. Your brain will adapt to the different sensitivity in due course. There is no treatment as there is nothing wrong, but you need to be patient.

  • its nothing to worry about. Its natural that a circumcised penis would become desensitised...its always rubbing against your underwear etc and is no longer protected in a sheath. Could be argued that a less sensitive penis improves your sex life, as you can last longer. But in reality I dont think it makes much difference...stimulation is more mental than physical ( eg wet dreams)

  • Thanks, I guess I am just experiencing the normal reaction to a circumcision.

    My main worry is sex, previously if I could not maintain an erection manual stimulation would soon have me going again but if I am less sensitive that could be an issue ?

    I will have to give it more time I guess.

  • Can I ask a question. I was circumcised 1 week ago, I'm a 29 year old Adult. I still find the penis is healing obviously, but I was going to ask how long did yours take to heal?

    I cant see the stitches fully as they are under the fold of the skin, and I'm too scared to pull back to check them, as I don't want to upset the healing.

    Did you keep a dressing on your penis for weeks after the surgery?

    Was there bleeding around your penis after the surgery?

    I find I'm having a little bit of bleeding through the day, but not much to be honest.

    It's still sore but again I know its only been a week.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

  • I had mine done 5 days ago and after reading a lot of these stories I feel I'm recovering well and I see a lot of people is saying put it I salt water and I can really see that helping! I'm 30 by the way and on this 5th day a lot of swelling had gone down and just some dried blood around the stitches.

  • My dressing only lasted a few days I would just wear tight fitting pants to stop movement for that is what made me hurt ! I would pull back gently in the bath and let the stitches come out naturally over about a week. The bleeding stopped after about day three but as you say it was only a little.

    Sorry to say that for me it continued to be sore for quite some time. But it does get better.

    Good Luck

  • Hi guys. Sorry to read of your discomfort following your circumcision. May I ask were you all given a choice on the different styles i.e. skinned back , high , low tight or loose cut.

    Hope things improve quickly for you all and you keep us informed of your well being.

    Best wishes guys.

  • No I was not given a choice nor was I aware there was one.

    In my case there was a risk of cancer and it was all a bit of a rush.

  • Ok Jaglad. So when things dare I say gets back to normal do you think cosmetically you will be happy with the results.

  • Yea it actually looks ok from a surgery/stitch point of view and from what I have heard it is a neat job. I would have liked the option of keeping the skin longer to afford some protection for the head.

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