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14 days post circumcision

14 days post circumcision


I am now 2 weeks post op from circumcision.

The swelling on my shaft is still there, that is what I am worried about the most. Anyone know why the swelling is still there? I don't think there is an infection, so why is the swelling still there!?

The stitches don't seem like they are dissolving...kind of getting annoyed with them catching onto my underwear. How do I convince my doc to remove them...he keeps saying they will dissolve, but when!!?

Sensitivity of the glans improved a little, but I still walk is uncomfortable to walk still!

In this picture, I am pulling down on the foreskin a bit, otherwise, the glans is not fully uncovered like that. Is that normal? I thought the glans would be fully uncovered like how the photo shows.

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Swelling can take weeks to go fully away. If your incision wound is clean and healing nicely, there is nothing to worry about as most side effects including swelling goes away in time. Mine lasted for over 3 weeks, if not even longer than that.


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