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My orgasms have diminished and are almost gone. Hormonal treatment is not helping.

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About three years ago I started noticing that my orgasms are becoming ... bland. Mechanically, everything still works. Erection, ejaculation, etc. It's just that I feel almost nothing. Eventually I went to the doctor, did some tests, found that my testosterone level was below the normal range.

After trying different medication and doses, I now inject myself weekly with slow-release testosterone, which brings me up to the higher end of the normal range. I can feel the effects, muscle growth, energy, but the main problem - my orgasm - is not better. It's been 4-5 months so far, with no noticeable improvement in that department.

I'm white, 40yo, not an athlete but also not a slob. Not overweight.

Anyone gone through something similar? I have another appointment with the DR in 2 months, but all he's been saying so far is to wait.

Any ideas?

BTW, also tried eating Brazil Nuts :)

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