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I need help with my penis

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Well im 19 and theres something strange about my penis. I have these white bumps all around the lower part of my penis and i don't know what is it, is it normal. (This is an image of those bumps on my penis) imgur.com/QGMfSaG imgur.com/rHw2Uz0

These bumps sometimes get little bigger and they have little some kind of puss that you can squize out.

Also i have some way smaller little white inside of the skin that covers the penis head , these dont have any puss heres an image


I dont know people, please help me ty.

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Hi yes they are normal and nothing to worry about. They are almost certainly Fordyce spots. en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/For...

You need to remove your pictures though as you are only 14 and underage to post these kind of photos.

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Ryzas in reply to

Yeah i think those are the ones thanks

Hi with you being 14 you should not put images up.

I think there Fordyce spots

There's no need for treatment, fordyce spots are harmless.

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Ryzas in reply to Kiz11

Yeah those are probably the ones, can you like remove em becouse they aint lookin "good"

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Kiz11 in reply to Ryzas

I have them too, I read as you get older they will just go, all harmless, at times if they get bigger a good squeeze gets rid of the odd one.

Maybe I'm missing something obvious here, but as you start your question stating that you're 19, I can't help wondering why two respondees suggest you remove your pictures because you're only 14?

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Ryzas in reply to

I have presses the wrong number thats it man im 19

in reply to Ryzas

Thanks for that, Ryzas. Good to know.

Hope all the reassurances that there's nothing wrong with your penis has put your mind at rest.

All good wishes,


The post has been edited it did say 14 so not sure if he 14 or 19

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Ryzas in reply to Kiz11

Im 19

in reply to Kiz11

Hi, Kiz.

Oh! I see. Thanks for that clarification. Much appreciated.

Peter A

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