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Do I get a circumcision or not?


I'm 25 and I've never retracted my skin. I've never seen the head and being honest the thought of attempting to pull it further down mentally and physically makes me cringe and weak.

I can't go to GP though and say I want the snip based on the inability to try to bring it down. Is their any other way to conquer it? I went to a GP about 4 years ago and he looked at me like I was pathetic and examined me and he tried to pull the skin down himself and it made me nearly roll of the gurney haha. I got cream for it and it hasn't done anything. He didn't realise its all in my mind and numming the area in question only half the battle.

I just want to be able to have normal sexual intercourse without having the explanation prior to it and killing the mood lol.


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Does it cause you any pain when you pull it back? Or does it not go back at all?

jiffy2017 in reply to Idannb

The times i have tried make me feel uncomfortable and i stop before it gets anywhere with great effect. There is too much skin to pull back. It is really covered up.

sgw_85 in reply to jiffy2017

Hi there

I would say to get yourself back to your GP and explain how difficult this is making your life (I can tell it is something that is distressing you from your description).

I was in exactly the same position as you 8 years ago. I was also 25 then and had never seen the head of my 'old fellow' due to inability to pull the foreskin back. The GP (in UK) referred me to a urologist who took one look and arranged the circumcision straight away. I do regret not trying the stretching exercises (the urologist said it wouldn't make any difference in my case) and that circumcision was the only option.

The other option is to leave it, plenty of men live with the condition.

jiffy2017 in reply to sgw_85

what was the experience like in general for you?

sgw_85 in reply to jiffy2017

It wasn't too bad at all. The only problems I recall were nighttime errections causing discomfort, but on the whole it wasn't that bad.

Tbh, I would rather I still had my foreskin but on balance I am in a better position now than i was pre circumcision. It is easier to keep clean and I feel more confident with it from a sexual perspective. I used to get anxious that I would tear the tight opening during sex but I don't have that issue now.

Happy to anwser any other questions you might have


Hi Jiffy

Your long foreskin and the fact you cannot fully retract it is obviously causing you emotional distress . It appears that it is effecting your sex life. I can't imagine how you maintain a hygienic cock and if your not using protection how you or your partner don't pick up an STI.

Your GP seems unsympathetic to your problem so go to a circumcision clinic . London or Luton are the top two places. Take your £600 choose the style of circumcision you like and get it done. There are times in ones life when you have to take the bull by its horns and make a decision .

No doubt my bluntness may arouse some criticism but I felt straight talking in this situation was called for . Take care.

jiffy2017 in reply to Hidden

Its not affecting my sex life but it is making me just want to do it to make it easier. I always wear condoms and I don't have that kind of money to splash out on clinics.

I am gonna register with the new doctors when it opens so hopefully with a different GP.

My friend has a similar situation although less tightness and he has apparently said that to get a circumcision referral from a GP takes a really good reason or a really bad problem. They don't let you do it for the crack.

OGO-NYC in reply to jiffy2017

I will have my circumcision done soon, I think it’s very important if it’s getting on your sex life. Like you said you have to explain about it before having send and hope it does not kill he mode, some women don’t like to blow it if it has too much for-skin

If you were prescribed the proper cream, it, in combination with stretching should work. Steroids in the cream invite yeast infections which retard progress, so if your cream does not include an anti-yeast agent, you may need to apply that as well. The steroid should be applied only to the tightest part of your foreskin. Rub it in completely. Using two finers, pull the opening apart for five minutes, four times per day. The cream should be applylied after stretching.

The word “phimosis” is derived from the Greek word that means “muzzled”. The word is used to describe the condition of having a foreskin that does not retract for any reason. Phimosis is a condition; it is not a disease. It is not life-threatening and may be left untreated in the vast majority of cases.

There are three possible reasons that cause a foreskin not to retract:

1. The tip of the foreskin is too narrow to pass back over the glans penis.

2. The frenulum is too short (frenulum breve) to allow retraction.

3. The inner foreskin is fused or adherent to the underlying glans penis.

A male with phimosis has several options.

1. He may elect to remain as he is and do nothing. One can live a lifetime with a non-retractable foreskin. It is reported that sex with a non-retractile foreskin not only is possible, but very pleasurable.

2. He may elect to undertake manual stretching to widen the tip and/or to lengthen the frenulum. It works by tissue expansion. Stretching skin induces “mitosis” which is a word that means “division of cells”. New skin cells are formed and the skin expands but it takes some time. Complete information on that is available at:

3. Plastic surgery. Preputioplasty is one of several plastic surgical operations that reshapes the foreskin without removing it. Preputioplasty preserves the foreskin and all of its numerous protective, immunological, sensory, and sexual functions.

Frenulum breve may also be treated by a simple plastic operation either to lengthen the frenulum or to cut it.


Hey man so did you get circumcised? How did it go?

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