Pulled back my foreskin, now what?

Hey everyone.

So im 18 years old, and I have never pulled back my foreskin before (probably phimosis, because when erect, it never pulled back itself). Anyways, so last night I managed to pull down my foreskin completely, and now I just want to know should I leave it like that? It doesnt retract itself. I heard it may cause some skin problem or something.

4 Replies

  • See a doctor to get it diagnosed. It's not the sort of thing that you want to be preoccupied with.

  • I read on this website that you will have to get circumcised

  • Do NOT get circumcised! That has to be a last resort. There are lots of other alternatives before even considering circumcision!

  • your foreskin will become loose over a short period of time so just let it happen. The purpose of the foreskin is to keep the end of the penis sensitive, it comes back automatically during sexual intercourse.

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