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Guys help what do I do?

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This just now happened and I’m worried. I just had an erection and this is at the middle of the night. I tried taking off the guaze bandages but it got stuck to the dried blood where the stitches to the frenulum is and every time I try pulling it, it really hurts and stings. I can feel the pain every time I pull it down to my balls and I’m worried I’m gonna have to sleep naked. What do I do? On the picture you can see that piece of dead skin with the stitches and dried blood coming off but the stitches are still in my skin. There’s a little bleeding but not too intense. It’s just from the dried skin being ripped off. It really hurts every time I try touching it or pulling it

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Mr Man i feel you, i think you should have not tried to force the bandage off I think next time when that happen you should make a worm water an salt and put the head inside worm water for a while about 15min then try remove the bandage

It’s been about 3 weeks now since the surgery. Do you think it’s fine If I do dip it a little? The last thing I heard my doctor said to me was not to take baths so. Idk if dipping it with salt and water for 15 min is like taking a bath

No it not, the salt will help you to heal mo faster, do not wash with hands or something just worm water with salt. Dip in and set timer for 15min don’t use any soap

Ok thanks for the tip! School is coming soon and I want it to heal so I can get back to my normal things!

Today it’s my 7th day after Circumcision I don’t wash it but just dip it in a warm water with salt and leave it dry before covering it. Trust me i can tell you now i don’t feel any pain the stitches are starting to come out

Oh wow! Haha yea. I’ve been just keeping an update just to make sure I wasn’t doing anything wrong to the stitches cause I’m almost in my 4th week and some of the stitches havnt came out yet. I’ll surely try this tomorrow even tho it’s 3:34 AM late at night haha. Hopefully your healing will be fine!

Whenever your gauze gets stuck on your penis due to dried blood or other liquids, you need to soak the gauze and make it properly wet with warm water. That should soften up any dried liquids and enable you to take the gauze off.

In the future, try to put medical vaseline on the gauze, which creates a layer between the gauze and your penis so nothing gets stuck as the vaseline is really thick so it won't allow the gauze to get soaked in dried blood and shouldn't get stuck

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SteveWall56 in reply to Cipher

My doctor doesn’t recommend me to put any Vaseline or cream due to the healing process will slow it down. I think dipping it with water is fine tho. Thanks for the tip. I’ll ask to see if it’s alright

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Bucky85 in reply to SteveWall56

After three weeks, the stitches have done their job. It is time from them to come out or be removed.

I had the same problems. Dont clean it, dont touch it. After healing the pain will stop, the stitches has fallen and you should clean it then.

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SteveWall56 in reply to Clutonny

It’s all fine now I took a shower and right after I got out I tried pulling on the skin since it was wet and it came off with no pain. All I have to do is wait for the stitches to come off now

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ok then.Relax

It needs to be cleaned with medicated solutions. Go to your doctor

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