Genital warts

Hi all

I have never had sex with anybody apart from my wife and I have two small warts in the inside of my groun area. I can't understand how I have them as they are not sexually transmitted. Can you get them any other way? I'm using Ttree oil to treat them, is there a better solution. Haven't told my wife as she may think I have been sleeping with someone, which I haven't. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Warts aren't always sexually transmitted. You can get them on hands and feet. Cuplex or similar available over the counter.

  • Cheers Girlie32. Much appreciated and thanks for putting me right :)

  • Id go to my GP,

  • Cheers Philip. Have been and they are not Warts. Just waiting on blood test results now.

  • I would think the warts are like a lot of other skin conditions that just appear for no apparent reason, but the best thing to do is talk with your doctor. It is probably just nothing to worry about unless they get large.

  • Cheers, seen the Dr and now waiting on blood tests as they are not Warts. Thanks for the advice. Much appreciated.

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