erectile dysfunction two years and still in hell

Hello,im a 56 year old man,and have been in a wheelchair since 1988,after spending the years 1985 to 88,being put back together,after an horrific attack on my regiment in belfast,where only four of eleven out of my Parachute regiment unit survived.Even being a a powerchair,i have still managed to father seven children,who in turn gave me eight grandchildren,pluse three great grandchildren.My problems began from 2008,the year i had my first stroke,but even after alot of rehabilitaion,i was still able the make love to my wife,then in 2010,i suffered a 2nd stroke,and a third one in 2012,and on top of that first one in 2008,i was also diagnosed with type 2 diabetes,but with everything and again alot of help,i was still able to have sex,and there was no change with my erections,i could get one at the drop of a hat,but that was untill july 2013,when after two of my friends decided to inform of their divorce,it was sometime after,i just could not get an erection,my wife was really understanding,but that just made things worse,then i would get an erection,but not be able to keep it,which left me feeling ashamed and guilty,and after a few more tries,nothing,so on and off i would make excuses to not go to bed,and after awhile,my wife and i stopped aproaching the subject of bed and love making,my paranoia began to get worse,believing my wife was laughing at me,and even sharing my problem as a joke with her friends,my thoughts of desire are still as strong today as they were years ago when i met my wife,when i get the odd day when i feel sexual desire,even though i know its stupid to try and go through with it,i often try to coach my wife into masterbating me,but even if she manages to ejaculate me,i just feel that she is doing me a favour to keep me happy,yet she does not want to,which makes things worse,and since febuary 2016,i have now feared to enter our bedroom at night,i cant sleep in there at all,i have tried to use my cealing hoist,get myself off the sofa,into my chair,and i get to our bedroom door,but cant go any further,i feel sweaty,sick,shaking,real fear strikes me,and im at the point tonight,where i want to end my life,and do not know what to do,im not a man anymore

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  • Why not get some viagra or similar from your GP?

    It will be free for you and virtually always is effective.

  • plus you have diabetes so you will get them free of charge.

  • That's a tough one, can't begin to compare problems I have had, but I would go with first answer. Try the Viagra, there is also a type that uses a pipette and you drop a tiny amount into the 'eye' of the penis. A friend with diabetes has it on prescription. He says the only problem is once he's up, he's up !

    Other than that, have a night away with your wife, buy her something nice, lingerie, dress up, 'toys'. Whatever turns you and her on. Persuade her to enjoy herself, you just watch. Do not pressurise yourselves into full sex.

    It may surprise you ! If nothing else you WILL enjoy yourselves.

  • I don't think that getting a stiffy is a problem lol, we could all do with that, I get 12 Viagra a month but you only 4 a month, depends on your doctor.


  • And Good Luck. Sounds like you have earned it.

  • What do you think of the suggestions so far Josh?

  • im trying not to,lol,good suggestions,will try anything

  • Hey Josh, are you still with us mate? You are definitely a man, we are allowed to feel down and Depression is one little but significant, if you want a chat send me a message, or phone Samaritans, Freephone, 116123, it is totally confidential and you don't even have to give your name or address plus you cant be traced, ring them now ok.

  • sorry philip,dipped out for a few moments there,

  • Great to see you back m8, how are you feeling today? we all pop out now and then, its good to see you back, people do care, don't they.? How are things now.


  • Hi josh1966 how about a reply? I hope you're ok.

  • yep im fine mate

  • You had us very worried for you, when you spoke of suicide and then didn't reply until now.

    Pleased you're ok

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