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Circumcision orders and snip by wife and doctor


I’m a 56 year old male and had a problem after a catheter was inserted into me in correctly after a surgery I had, my wife took me to see her urologist who is female and performed a procedure in her office with a nurse and my wife present, thankfully it was a success but after the procedure the doctor talked with my wife about circumcising me and possibly giving me the snip, she quickly agreed to this without me been asked how I felt about that, I was not asked my opinion but she did explain everything to her and asked her how much skin she would like removed apparently there is a couple different levels, the doctor has already made the arrangements I have had presurgical clearance and it’s to be done next week ,I have argued with my wife about this but she claims it is healthy for both of us and if I refuse she will not have sex with me, she also claims that doctor told her that I won’t masturbate as much and the sex would be more about her pleasure, it annoys me that they had the discussion in front of me and I was not included in it, should I go true with it, will I lose sensitivity in my penis as I do love to masturbate

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I smell a troll.



People do masturbation when they can't do intercourse. If your wife likes you to do circumcision, nothing like it. She will enjoy and you will also. Ask her to try oral, it it will be highly pleasurous

Johnnyjohn in reply to Hidden

Thank you for your reply, unfortunately my wife has little interest in sex anymore and I feel only wants this done because her urologist said it would cut down on my masturbating, the only sex she likes is the occasional oral done on her only maybe twice a month and keeps me down there for hours at a time, she caught me looking at gay porn while masturbating and has threatened to tell everyone, I had to agree to circumcision and her long duration between her legs to prove I’m straight again but this really came about after my problem, I feel like I’m been punished and I’m nervous about this

No Doctor should ever suggest a procedure that is not medically necessary. It is entirely upto you, it is your body. Having the snip may help as I found sex can be better and more spontaneous without a condom. I found masturbation to be much better before my Op'. Think very carefully about it, and have a second opinion. Once it's gone it's gone ! Unless it is medically required then you will have to pay privately.


You have a good case to take against the urologist for breaching your confidentiality in discussing you with your wife.


I am not sure how circumcision can reduce masturbation

I sure hope this is fiction! - Jeremy,

I wish it was

Bucky85 in reply to Johnnyjohn

Perhaps you need a new wife.

If you want to do what your wife wants, you should first consult a psychiatrist for a mental health evaluation.

Circumcised men masturbate more because they enjoy it less.

You’d be better off without this wife. Although I realise that’s easier said than done.

Get this to court, win big money.

I’m still not 100% sure this is genuine. What your wife and her doctor is suggesting is so outrageous it’s abuse. You can’t be treated like a stray dog having his balls sorted because it’s more convenient for the owners. If she’s not having sex with you anyway as you say what’s the problem? Why submit to having your dick mutilated to suit her and her doctor who’s in it for the money? Where are you? This doesn’t seem anything a professional doctor in a ‘civilised’ country would even suggest.


Hello Johnnyjohn, i had the same problem with incorrect catheter setting. The results of this bad operation have nothing to do with circumcision. Go and see first an real urologist which treats more the anatomy and less the sexuality. Otherwise You will have the same problems as before, being circumcised or not.

The scars and narrowings of your urethra caused by the catheter instrument will not go away by circumcision. You better go to an urologist who makes a correct search concerning your urethra/urine tube. The misled catheter could have caused internal wounds and scars. This will be controlled best by internal view (cystoscopy) and urethrographie (x-ray). In my case, i underwent surgery with replacing a long section of the urethra by oral mucosa, which was a long three times surgery in the clinic and long healing process. But again, nothing to do with circumcision.

Please excuse if i am too complicated, because English is not my first language. Hans, 69, from Germany.

This is madness. Don't think about consenting to a circumcision you don't need.

Your story is shocking. What did you decide?


I am sorry Johnjohn, your wife and her doctor are a bit out of wack! you are an adult and you make your own decisions. Now onto another subject, she caught you watching gay porn? what does that have to do with circumcision? do you masturbate and she doesn't like that? then she needs to provide so you do not go out looking for it right?

Women and relationship can be complicated.

Hidden in reply to Hidden

Amen to that last sentence/paragraph!!!

Johnnyjohn in reply to Hidden

Thank you for your reply, I do masturbate frequently as my wife is not interested in sex anymore, so when my problem started she told our doctor who we both see, our doctor is also a woman and believes that all men should be circumcised, she also said that it would help with me to slow down my desire to masturbate, I also do like watching gay porn which she threatens to tell every one about if I don’t go true with it, this may not be a bad thing as I am probably bisexual and will probably get together with someone to find out, once again thanks

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