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I am having trouble with my foreskin after using self catheters for 3 years the glue like substance in the catheters which help you insert the catheter has staarted to stick my foreskin together leaving just about an inch gap my Doctor told me they wait till all is stuck but after a showervone day i tried to prise the skin gently apart leaving a cut which blead going to A&E they gave me some eye ointment which cleared the cut up but now i leave it alone will the operaration be a difficult one being 77 years old thank you .

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The stuff on catheters is a lubricant not a glue, so shouldn't affect the foreskin

Soapy water may help enable the foreskin to be retracted, or steroid cream

The operation is likely to be a minor incision or a circumcision


Have you seen your GP since the A&E visit?


Yes the doctor said its not fully stuck yet there is about under an inch showing just below the head of the penis so i must wait until its all stuck i tried pulling it apart slowly but it tore the skin and started bleading has the trip to A@E thank you .


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