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circumcision and phimosis

hi i am 14 years old haven't got any issues since i had a circumcision about a year ago and i had a tight foreskin issue and issues pulling it back and my urine was not coming out when i was clearly urinating, but i was diagnosed with Phimosis and everything is fine now and since then my penis growth happened and everything still fine but its been through my whole family in boys but if you are having issues with urinating and foreskin issues like cant pull it back and sore i suggested going to see your GP and kids my age, tell your parents because it will only get worse. but I think circumcision is the answer.

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Best of luck m8, mine was done ADT birth, things will sort themselves out and its much more hygenic, you'll be ok


Wise words. Thank you.


Glad things are sorted. Circumcision isn't right for everyone though. For others interested in this topic on the Men's Health Forum, there's information on phimosis here:


and circumcision here:


There is a lot you can do short of surgery. So have a read.


Hi. As jaglad said wise words. Hope lots of guys your age read your post. Great to hear a young advocate of circumcision.

Take care


How did you tell your parents and what happened after that?


Please help I am 14 years old and cannot pull my foreskin back. The glans, I think it is called, is still attached how should I bring this up to my parents? Did anyone who did go to the doctor about this find it awkward or embarrassing when you went in for the appointment


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