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Mature Adult Male Circumcision your views please

Hi I am a 60 yr old adult male who is 12 days post Circumcision (26/1/17)

Now here is my dilemma

I was circumcised on medical grounds after yeast infections led to Balanitis and Paraphomosis all resulting in a very tight scared Foreskin

I went into Surgery expecting to come out with a full Circumcision when in fact the Urologist has done what would be considered a low/loose cut

I have had a infection at 7 days resulting in the cut not closing properly and having to go back to hospital as a surgical emergency was told nothing could be done until the infection had been dealt with and put on anti-biotic Tablets

My problem lies with the cut itself I still have enough shaft skin left to mostly cover the gland so feel that the yeast can still harbour in there

I will add at this stage I am Type 2 Diabetic tablet Controlled hence the yeast problem

The Urologist had a second Doc with him who also helped and I was listening to the conversation to the point that at one stage I said 'He's not practicing on me is he' to be told not to worry I am stepping in when needed I ask myself could this be the cause of my infection and the fact that I have had one only 7 days post Circ only go's to strengthen my fears that what has been done will not solve my problem in which case do I have to insist on it being done again

So the Question for you all on here is

Has anyone else had similar problems with the way they had been cut

Am I worrying to much this early on about the results

Any replies advice would be greatly appreciated

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You will see from other posts here that post op circumcision often seems messy, but virtually always settles down to a good result after a few weeks.

So the message is be patient



Also for health reasons, I had to have a full circumcision at 52 and given the option I would have had the partial. It is never going to be easy, it is a very sensitive part of your body. I would give it more time. Keep the area clean and finish the antibiotics. Do not be afraid to speak up if you concerned and see your GP.

Good Luck

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Follow your doctor's advice . Nothing to worry . It will settle


Get well. It takes time.


Hi . So how are things now?


Hi Snip

Well the saga continued to be honest because of the infection i was left with a ugly scar line and on a visit to the GP was refered back to Urology where i saw a different Urologist who promtly said he thought i needed revision surgery to correct it

1st time around i had only had a sleeve section apparently this had been done with 1 long running stitch around just under the glans

On consultation with the second Urologist he said he was going to do a full Circumcision and remove all the remaining foreskin which he did on 31/3/17 with one magor difference this time i had multiple small stitches all around the glans a lot more irritating than first time around anyway 16 days into the second time and the 1st of the stitches came away yesterday


Ok Guys here we go

Going on from the 2nd Circumcision mentioned above 2 mths from being cut I am experiencing ED problems not sure why as everything says being cut does not affect things like that

well 3mth referral with urologist it is mentioned and he prescribes Viagra to kick-start things he said so I take a tab and boy did it work only to well everything was so tight it hurt so I am thinking this can't be right

Now I had been given a appointment with the Head of Urology (July 10) because I had complained about the state of the 1st scar line and mention the tightness when he has a look he says I can see what the problem is and refers me to a Specailist Plastic Surgeon

I had that appointment on Wed 11/10/17 and have been told to much skin has now been taken and I am going to have to have 3-5 cm skin graft around the entire shaft to replace what has been taken away too much

So guys that are contemplating getting cut please troll all of the posts on here and go with a fully informed idea of what you are/Can be letting yourself in for


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