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Circumcision Problem?

My son got circumcised 2 years ago, and I noticed there are still foreskin on his penis' sides. it's not attached, but they look more like flaps, if you know what I mean. It's like, all the foreskin were not cut, they were just put in both sides. What should I do?

Edit: My son just hit 14, also, when we took him to a clinic, the nurse didn't react like it was weird or anything. How does a 'long cut' looks like? I can't imagine it from the website I used's description.

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I would take him to another doctor and see what they think... wouldn’t want to regret it later on...


I can't really picture the problem based on your description. How old is your son. Skin over the penis head edges when flaccid can happen. If errect that shouldn't happen. Best to take your son yo another doctor for a second opinion.


Leave the next one intact.

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If you concerned best take him to see Doc, but he ma have been given a 'long cut'. This leaves more skin covering the head when flaccid and pulls back when erect.


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