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Penis head drying up 1 week after circumcision. Keratinization, or something like dermatitis?


I recently underwent circumcision to rectify an issue with a constrictive foreskin. As far as i know everything went ok and seems to be in working order :-), however, the head of my penis is now covered with peeling and dry skin, which has cracked in some instances.

What can i do about this issue? And why is it happening? I assume that it has something to do with that fact that in my 19 years on this planet, my foreskin never retracted fully and exposed the head until after the operation.

Any help would be greatly appreciated :-), thanks in advance.


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Maybe worth trying some antithrush cream or combined with mild steroid - daktacort or canesten hc


Err wtf on my glans? Hell no.


It is safe and commonly usedand likely to help


It causes skin atrophy dummy, the penis skin is super thin as is. Red scrotum syndrome is a thing. Are you a doctor?


This is caused by the drying out and hardening of the skin of the glans due to permanent exposure and friction. Keratinisation will soon take place as the thinner skin dries and flakes off. E45 cream and other water based moisturisers may provide some short term relief as this process takes place.


I think it could be exacerbated by my overwashing. However, if this is a normal part of the process, then I am at ease. Will the glans be less dry in the future? I'm just using a small drop of aveeno on it to prevent deep cracks.


Yeah, eventually the skin will harden (this is often why there is a loss of sensitivity) and therefore stop becoming dry and flakey


Thank you. Did you get an adult circumcision as well? I'm in day 8 of recovery and I have experienced a loss in sensitivity.

The reason why I was so scared was because the dryness came all of a sudden?



I was looking into having it done for cosmetic reasons, but having done a bit of research into it I decided against it. I did however keep my foreskin retracted for about 14 days to try get a “feel” of what it may be like to be circumcised. I had the same response to u, mainly the glans drying out and skin starting to flake off


Rosie, calling someone a dummy does not really help, most on here are normal people trying to help each other out. Some years ago I was prescribed Canasten for thrush. So it should be safe and recommended in good faith.

Hope you have found a remedy, let us know if you have. I have been using cocoa butter a couple of times a week. Obviously not as moist as it was but not dried up either.


This is normal after circumcision it will clear up in a couple of weeks I had the same problem when I was first circumcised im now four weeks on and it’s no longer flaking or dry 👍


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