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Day 15 post-op circumcision

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I am in my late 40s and had to have circumcision due to short foreskin and tight frenulum pulling and tearing when getting strong hard erections. Touching the frenulum when erect was quite sore. The foreskin did not cover the entire gland when flaccid and I could not pull it over to cover up the glanc. I took the courage to speak to my GP about my frenulum tearing problem and was referred to an urologist who didn’t really look closely at my privates. He just asked me to show him what the problem was and it was over in a few minutes.

After around 10 months of waiting for the circumcision operation appointment day, the same urologist was operating on me but didn’t really explain how or what he was going to cut but just said he will not cut much off to leave more skin intact. He left the frenulum intact that was the main problem! Oh well!!!

I think on day 2 post-op, I must have pulled of the sutures below the frenulum when I sat down to put my shoes on. I felt a pulling pain around the frenulum area but didn’t check to see if it bleed as I was late to meet a friend for coffee. Later in the evening it looked detached! I should have gone straight back to the hospital to get stitched up?

I have been to see different GPs over several days and back to the same hospital in A&E for checkup. But all doctors who saw my penis said the area looked normal despite it looking mutilated, swollen, yellowish, wet and smelt a bit weird - all said it was not infection! One GP said the detached part below the frenulum will heal but would take a bit longer due to the missing sutures. It will heal by secondary intention - healing inwards then outwards.

This is what it looks like on day 15...

Does it look normal? Or infected? Damaged due to tearing sutures? Skin looks like cut too short below the frenulum?

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Looks perfectly normal mate. Will be fine when everything has healed. I'm now 10 months post of and so pleased with the end result.

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Kennyldn in reply to Daz81

When I see others posted past 14 days, the incisions looks all sealed up. My frenulum area still looks raw and the incision looks detached and still bleeds and leaks clear fluids after day 16. The other side looks normal and less swollen with sutures still not dissolved yet. I expect them to start dissolving over the next few days 2-3 weeks post op.

You think the frenulum side looks normal after day 16? When erect in the photo, it looks slightly better than when flaccid as the skin seems like it is detached under the frenulum and looks swollen and horrible.

I can’t imagine it looking normal ever again with the incision all sealed up! I guess need to wait another 4 weeks (4-6 weeks post-op) to see the results as explained in the discharge notes.

You have had horrible treatment from your doctors.

Circumcision is not a valid treatment for short foreskin. The valid treatmen is manual stretching to induce mitosis to get tissue expansion.

You might have benefited by surgery to cut your frenulum.

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Kennyldn in reply to Bucky85

I explained to my GP and the urologist of my problem with frenulum tearing when pulling back. I had a very short foreskin so when it was pulled back behind the glands, it stretched the tight frenulum causing pain during intercourse or masturbation.

Instead, the surgeon removed the foreskin and left the problematic frenulum intact!

The urologist didn’t seem to be interested when I had the initial consultation with him. He just asked me to show him the area. He never touched or really examine my penis. The session was over in less than a couple of minutes!

On the day is the op, the same urologist saw me again and just said he will keep as much skin as possible and didn’t say he was going to leave the frenulum alone. I should have asked him to explain what he was going to remove!

Should wait and see how it goes after healing and decide whether to get the frenulum removed? It doesn’t look right at the moment. Sticks out too much like a dorsal fin.

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Moneymundi in reply to Kennyldn

What happened with fernulum

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