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Frequent painful urination - Cannot Cope!


I am a 62 year old male and I have been suffering for a number of years for frequent urination and also a pain in my left lower back. My doctor referred me the urology department where a cystoscopy and ultra sound were carried out. The cystoscopy confirmed that I had an enlarged prostate and I was put onto Combodart, and the ultrasound did not pick up on any abnormalities except that my bladder was retaining urine.

Since the cystoscopy my symptoms have become much worse. I now have the urge to urinate every few minutes and when I do it is very painful with a burning sensation and very little urine comes out, it's a nightmare I now cannot concentrate on anything, my sleep is interrupted back and fore to the toilet all night.

I visited my doctor because of these problem and I was put on a course of anti-biotics in case I had a UTI, the anti-biotics made no difference still painful burning frequent urination. My doctor told me that the combodart medication will take 6-9 months to have any effect!

I cannot cope with this, it's bad enough on a daily basis. Anyone gone through a similar experience or can offer any other advice?

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DEAR, I am 62 ,DMT2 for past 18 yrs and also often face this issue.

please confirm whether you have UTI ,and also the level of uric acid.

I take homeo medicine for prostate gland shrinking, ask any homeo drug store. take 50 ml warm water put 10 drops of this medicine and take in empty stomach in morning and night,

you can also take 10 dried seeds of pumpkin after removing the skinof seed.very effective.

you can try uri max tablets or lasix for urination.

try catheter for temporary relief .

wish you speedy recovery

Potassium citrate my help, also bladder training and considering an additional drug for frequency. Get urine test for resistant infection


Have you been referred to a urologist?

Thanks for the replies and advice. I went back to the doctor's today, had another urine sample test done the doctor said this test indicated a growth (dip-stick test)? and I was put onto yet another lot of anti-biotics, this time Co-amoxiclav 500/125mg, early days yet to know if these are going to work.

I thought that the purpose of a urine sample was to find the correct anti-biotic, this is the fourth different lot now. Is it hit and miss to get the right one?

Have you tried alternative medicine? My epididymitis is cured by alternative medicine called diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill. It can be used to cure male urinary and reproductive system disease like prostatitis, epididymitis, orchitis, enlarged prostate, uti, etc. It's safe and natural without side effects. Hope it helps.

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