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Day 12 Post surgery. Frequent and sore urination.

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Hey guys,

Sorry to bother everyone again, although I'm curious as to whether or not anyone has experienced frequent burning urination?

I have already had a course of antibiotics within my first week of antibiotics, been drinking plenty of water, had sachets of 'ural' to prevent burning within the first 5 days (post surgery) though as of yesterday, the urge to pee (even when I've just been) has increased.

I've kept my dressings clean as well as the area of stitches and don't seem to have any signs of infection externally.

I have also experienced pain in my kidneys, mainly my left one. Sore bladder and every so often notice a little blood on the toilet paper (post wee). The odd thing is, there is no strong odour in the urine.

Is this normal for 12 days after surgery?



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Hi mate, well for first thing, I think some stinging on urination is normal ( I’m day 14 ) and had this too day 10-13 - but the symptoms you are displaying are more like an UTI urinary tract infection- take antibiotics 2 per day x 5 days ( sore kidneys, some blood, urge to pee) had that too, think 1 of the reason I needed circ was repeated UTI - plus phimosis - don’t think it’s circ related, try 250mg ciprofloxxin or 500mg depending on severity.

In meantime, try cranberry juice, loads of it, with room temp water. Will deffo flush out the infection...

Hope that helps somewhat "..

You should never take any form of medicine that was not prescribed for you. What is good for one person does not mean that is necessarily God for another. For the problems you mentioned as a Registered Nurse I advice you to see a urologist.

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NkC555 in reply to nfor

Yes I simply suggested; of course each medication is singularly for 1 person...

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melbouneman81 in reply to NkC555


I was prescribed with antibiotics by my GP.

Cheers for the heads up guys!

M.M :)

A simple trick to prevent burning sensation when you per is to wet the glans before doing. If urine touches the suture line this would be diluted and would not burn. This works with almost everyone hope it will work for you.

You may have some cysts or hard crystals anywhere in your urinary system: in your kidneys, or in your ureters coming from the kidneys to the bladder, in your bladder, or in the urethra path of your penis??? You're gonna need a cystoscopy (a micro-camera analysis of your penis's urination path and bladder.


One of my 3 procedures was a cystoscopy. I was told by my GP I needed antibiotics, which I'm now on (due to an infection from the cystoscopy).

I also had a penile plication (involving de-gloving the entire penis, as well as a circumcision.

My GP seems to think everything is healing fine externally, although suggested I take a course of antibiotics for the UTI.

Thanks heaps for the reply all the same, that was very kind of you.

I hope your weekend treats you kind.

M.M :)

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