I have for over a year experienced bedtime frequent urination. I usually wake up more than 3 times to urinate. Sometimes, I only do a few drops. My concern now is that I am feeling a pressure pain between the pelvic/bladder area ONLY during the night, specifically each time I wake up with the urge to urinate. This pressure/pain, however disappears after I may have emptied my bladder.

I have seen a urologist. Kidney , std and prostate relatively have been ruled out. I have read about Intestitial cystitis and I am concerned it might just be it as my symptoms looks a bit the same.

Any ideas please?

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  • Hi,

    Firstly, good news that the urologist ruled out the above. I hope that allays any immediate concerns.

    Your question is highly medical in nature and I would suggest using the Man MOT service to address a GP. They are the most likely people to have an answer for you.

    I hope that helps.

  • over active bladder ? i take oxybutynin hydrochloride tablets,stopped me getting up through the night (4/5 TIMES)

  • Hi Whit.  

    May I ask you for how long have you been taking this drug and have you experienced any side-effects?

    I'd be most grateful to hear of your experience with oxybutynin.

    Many thanks indeed.



  • around 3 months , i have had no obvious side effects up till now,if you google overactive bladder, and the drug  there is quite a bit of info about it.

  • how are you getting on ? did you try tablets.

  • I hope you get some help.

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