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Testicular Pain and Ejaculation problems

Testicular Pain and Ejaculation problems

I have had this issue for around 5 months now and I'm running out of ideas. My doctor has told me to contact sexual health to investigate further for my issue even though there seems to be no STI's present.

I have been given antibiotics that work but never work fully.

The basis of my problem is I'm experiencing testicular pain, particularly on the right side with a burning and aching sensation. My semen is coming out dark yellow, yellow watery or yellow with coagulated yellow lumps in it. Please don't state to me that 'semen changes from time to time' 'it gets yellow as we get older' i know something is not right. When I took antibiotics it improved and when I stopped it got worse again. It starts with aching shooting pains in my testicles and slowly moves up my urethra. My semen goes from a light yellow colour to a darker yellow and the coagulated lumps of yellow jelly within my ejaculation become dark yellow and dry, like grains of rice. I have been tested for STI's and they have all come back clear. Is it possible to have gonorrhoea living in the testicular area and have it undetectable? Another possibility I'm considering is unwashed sex toys that I used 5 months ago. Please I am in desperate need of answers and suggestions. I have attached a photo of how my ejaculation is coming out currently.

Symptoms :

Yellow Semen

Burning and aching pain in testicles

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Alex, sorry to hear about your symptoms. This forum isn't really the place for a diagnosis. You could try a sexual health clinic as you GP suggest or our Man MOT service which enables you to email one of our GPs (you could just send the contents of your post) or text chat with them during virtual surgery hours (the next 'surgery' is 7-10pm on Monday). You can find Man MOT and a widget that will help you find local services at


Have you had a vasectomy?


That could be a possible STD.

Have you consulted a vernologist?


Sounds like you perhaps had a vasectomy?


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