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Slight burn/pain urethra


25 year old, Male

Most of today was fine. Randomly halfway through the day I felt a burning sensation that felt like it was coming from inside my urethra towards the middle/base pf penis. Urinated and pain seemed to go away. Few hours later, burn pain comes back slightly and urge to urinate but not much urine. Since its started, I feel slightly irritated in my urethra and have the urge to urinate on and off.

I have not had sex in a year and have tested negative for ALL sti's a few months ago (full panel including herpes, syphilis, gonhorrea, chlamydia). Ive also had similar pain sometimes when I fail to ejaculate for a while and decide to masterbate and then urinate too close after I climax.

I heard its damn near impossible for guys to get a UTI not sexually. I do wear fitted boxers and shorts and heard rough sex/masterbation can also cause this sensation, but this came out of nowhere and during the middle of the day at work (4pm) so no chemicals or rough handling of the sort (other than a few erections during the day pushed down by fitted clothes).

I was urinating a lot today do to a large consumption of fluids. Could I have irritated my urethra from constant frequent urination?

Anyone have similar issues? Should I see a doc or wait it out tonight and see if the irritation subsides tomorrow? I'm hoping I didn't somehow get an infection and am freaking out!!

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I should also add, there is no pain WHILE urinating. Just in between urination when I feel like I have to go. Once I pee the pain subsides.

Sounds like a simple urinary infection, but your doctor would be the one to do a diagnosis - not me!

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I'm definitely scheduling something with my Urologist, temporary or not

Sounds like a urinary tract infection to me.

You can get them randomly.

May clear on its own or may need antibiotics prescrption.

I would see the doc and ask her / him.

Could it be related to personal hygiene ?

Do you shower every day and change underpants daily ?

Yes I'm more active with my hygiene since my Circumcision and my changing of underwear. Weird thing is pain was gone the next morning after drinking water by the buckets all night


Definitely see your doc. Men can get UTI’s which can be bladder or kidney related.

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It's just strange it came out of nowhere and subsided the next morning completely


UTI m8

Get a urinalysis.

have you been drinking lots of fluid, if not. then do so. dehydration and stop drinking to much sugary drinks..

Have you done your urine culture test.. u might get the answer of your problem. Sometime stress can cause this problem. I went through so many antibiotics later when i done urine culture i came to know that i have escherichia bactaria and only few antibiotics will i went to urologist and sorted out my problem... drink more fluid it will ease your problem.mke sure you visit urologist

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