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Any Another treatment for retrograde ejaculation

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I'm 21 years old and i mastubate daily day after mastubating i suffered pain in my bladder and penis. After next day i mastubate but spurm doesn't come out and my penis is stong while doing mastubation and while urine coming out small pain in penis. So is it retrograde ejaculation problem or any other problem.if it is retrograde ejaculation problem is there any other treatment except surgery. Plzzz help me....

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Is that retrograde ejaculation problem bro??

Relaxation and rest will the best advice

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Thankq bro

Thankq and any best foot for pelvin muscles

For what it's worth, I agree with the previous posts. Perhaps you've just been overdoing it a bit, and been a little rough with yourself? It might be worth giving yourself a few days break to let your body recover. You may want to consider using some lube when you next masturbate - or perhaps just slip on a condom? Personally I feel that it's not a bad idea to practice putting one on, especially if you're not used to doing so. Goldie11 is spot-on with his/her comments about retrograde ejaculation. The condition isn't usually painful and often your next pee would be cloudy due to the presence of semen in the urine. Don't worry!!


But bro some pain in my penis while passing urine

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Hi Rakeshraj,

Sorry to be personal, but can you describe the sort of pain you are experiencing whilst passing urine? Is it a burning pain - or something else? A lot of men experience extreme sensitivity after an orgasm. I sometimes get a feeling of discomfort (almost like a bruised sensation) in my penis when urinating after a particularly intense sexual episode when I've climaxed (ejaculated) inside my girlfriend's vagina. Does that help?

some little bit pain at the end of penis and in the past i passing 6 times a day but now 15 times per day and i consult kidney doctor and doctor said "u have stone in kidney". is that effect to sperm releasing.

Hi again, Rakeshraj. Thanks for your reply. Obviously passing urine 15 times a day (and how often throughout the night?) isn't to be expected. I see you're only 21, but do you feel thirsty and drink a lot? I developed a kidney stone a couple of years ago and my main symptoms were an ache in my side and passing blood in my urine. Possibly the discomfort you feel is coming from a very small piece of kidney stone (sometimes called 'grit') that has scratched the urethra as it was expelled with your pee. The good thing is that all these three conditions fall within the remit of urology, so I would strongly advise you to find an excellent and experienced urologist and get yourself thoroughly examined and the same consultant can deal with all of the problems.

Are you still masturbating each day? If so do give yourself a few days respite and the other point - and again I'm not being deliberately intrusive - are you in a sexual relationship with a girlfriend/partner?

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thanks bro. not each day bro i gave few days rest for my self.again thanks for giving valuable that any problem in future..

And some what pain in my testis and bladder.

Hi again. Thanks for your replies. I would urge you to book an appointment with a urologist who can investigate the frequency of your urination, lack of ejaculation when you climax, and the discomfort/pain in your penis, bladder and testicles. All these three problems are covered by the same branch of medicine - urology. You may well find that you have an infection of some sort which could explain your urination and discomfort. Are you living in the UK or somewhere were you can easily access good medical care? You may be able to find a walk-in sexual health clinic and see if they could get help you in some way. I think that were I you, and until I had sorted the problem, I'd want to give my penis a rest and stop masturbating - and also refrain from having sexual intercourse if indeed you are currently enjoying that as well. Let us know how you get on and all the very best to you.

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Can anyone tell me what is retrograde ejaculation?

That is when semen is not expelled during orgasm. Instead, it goes backwards into the bladder, later being flushed by urine. Usually orgasm is still pleasurable. It can be caused by drugs or by prostate surgery during which a muscle is injured or destroyed.

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