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Needing to pee almost all the time

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Hi, I'm new to this and I'm 19. About 8 months ago I started needing to pee even if I'd just gone to the toilet, over the last 8 months it has come and gone but largely I have had to deal with it on a daily basis. It's very confusing as I'll need to pee even if I have no urine in my bladder. This started to become really difficult to deal with at uni and in most social environments, it has given me huge social anxiety to the point where I rarely go out of the house. I've spent ages looking into it online and seen I'm not the only one with this problem but no one seems to have a solution, around March time I went to the Doctors and they gave me a blood and urine test but both came back all clear. If anyone has any idea what this is and hopefully a way of sorting it out you'd be a real life saver.

I also wake up tired most days and have a general lack of energy but I'm not sure if the two are linked

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Hi I would say you need to go back to your g.p and ask for them to look into it a bit more

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Hey bud, GP just diagnosed me with possible irritable bladder, I’d chase your gp again, you could monitor yourself if any particular drinks give you the urge to pee more.

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Hi mate, have they given you anything to relieve it or to cope with it?

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No mate just self manage, did have various others test like a Dre & stream & flow test

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Check if you have diabetes. Otherwise consult neurologist. This appears to be enuresis

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I am not convinced this is bed wetting or involuntary urinating (enuresis). If nothing is showing up in blood and urine tests, a referral to a neurologist or urologist would be a sensible next step.

Usually it’s a UTI, but if tests are negative, your dictor should investigate others causes. You may have non-specific prostatitis. Digital prostate exam is also in order to determine possible enlarged prostate. Book appt with a urologist.

If initial tests come back clear, could this be a psychological issue ?

May sound contradictory, but I would start by drinking more water, at least one litre a day plus whatever else you currently drink.

Then when you first feel the need to pee, hold on to it a little longer.

Increase the time you wait, it may be uncomfortable but should not be painful.

Basically, your bladder is like a sponge, the more you empty it the smaller it becomes and the less it can hold. It may just need re-training.

Not sure about your other issues, they may not be connected, but I had a very similar problem and was sent for a flow test. Whereby you go to a clinic, drink lots of water then pee into a special urinal. This measures amount and strength of flow.The result was my bladder had shrunk as I was going to often. The 'cure' was drink more water and each time you feel the urge, hang on for a couple of minutes and extend this time gradually. Basically, the more you go, the more you will need to go !

Now I can go eight hours without needing to go.

Good luck

Could possibly be bladder neck constriction. Either congenital- heredity, or if you crashed on your bicycle bar or got kicked in the jewels. Anyway it could be scar tissue. I did the round of urinalysis, antibiotics, swab, I had no infection. Doctor surgically cleaned out the scar tissue, now I pee like a race horse.

See the doctor, in my case my kidneys suffered

Skip caffeine and alcohol for a while.

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