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What is causing this urinary problem?


Hey everyone,

Over the past few days, I've been bothered by the feeling of having some urine trapped in the tip of the penis causing a frequent sensation to urinate and have been exploring some potential causes of this.

A bit of backstory: About a month and a half ago I had protected sex and unprotected oral sex with a new partner who found out shortly after our encounter that she had chlamydia (not from me). As such, I got tested immediately after we hooked up and then again 3 weeks after and all the tests came back negative. I also got tested for everything besides HSV.

After this encounter, however, I became increasingly anxious that I had developed HSV despite not really showing any symptoms. I've been constantly checking myself, physically examining the meatus and deep underneath the foreskin moreso than I ever really have before. Every small sensation or red spot that briefly appeared in the area was magnified to me ten fold so I went to my GP and had him take a look. He examined me and said that there was nothing that appeared related to HSV or HPV.

Every morning for the past week or so, however, I've noticed some irritation and minor pain on the glans of my penis surrounding the urethra. The redness and swelling seems to subside and become invisible within a half hour or so after waking up. Other than this, the constant feeling of having to urinate is my only symptom.

When I do urinate, whether it's a lot or a small amount, there is never any pain, and ejaculation doesn't cause any pain either. I have no visible lesions and no other symptoms of a UTI or prostatitis.

Could this be a result of anxiety or irritation from the constant checking? Does the urinary issue along with the redness/swelling in the morning sound HSV related?

Any input would be appreciated. I don't want to go to my doctor again if this is a non-issue as it really only causes minor discomfort and he already told me I have no visual signs of HSV.

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If you have no signs or symptoms of infection you have to trust your Dr. Try and not worry over it, reduce any checking or cleaning. When you go the loo try and relax and let every bit out, give a good shake ! Another thing to bear in mind, drink plenty of water, do not go, until you really need to. Give it a try.

I’m having the similar issues, have you tried keeping your foreskin back? I know some guys can’t but this helped me with a similar problem, only down side is the continuous adjustment needed that’s why I’m considering getting circumcised. I’ve had the same sexual partner for over 15years and this only started happening 6 to 8 month ago.

I had a doctor check and said all looks fine but if I keep foreskin forward I start feeling slight pain in my glans

Keeping foreskin back and wearing tight underwear helps

Could be anxiety, or a urinary infection, or??? In any event, your GP is your best source for diagnosis!

urinay problem is commonly caused by bacteria.

Hi, I see this post is a year old, however did you find a solution to your problem? I am going through the same thing at the moment..



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