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Mouth Ulcers

Many lupus sufferers get mouth/nose ulcers. I thought I would share a couple of articles that I wrote a few years back on mouth ulcers. The pieces were written before I was diagnosed with lupus and they are aimed at anyone with mouth ulcers (the articles are not specific to lupus). The link between B vitamins and mouth ulcers may be particularly relevant since I have read that many lupus sufferers have low levels of vitamin B12 - you might want to ask to have a blood test next time you see a doctor. As ever I must state that it is important to check with your medical doctor before starting any supplements but here are the two articles which may, or may not, be useful:

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Sodium Bicarbonate once or twice a week used to clean the teeth. But try not to swallow too much of it as it makes you belch and turns to salt in the stomach.

White teeth, no ulcers and a lovely pink tongue.


Great tip, thanks!


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